How IoT Can Be an Added Advantage in Customer Service

by Satya K Vivek | March 21, 2022 How IoT Can Be an Added Advantage in Customer Service

Any individual who is a close observer of contemporary IT trends would notice that IoT has been gaining importance in different fields of work. Incorporating IoT technologies helps to run business operations and activities more efficiently. Customer service is critical to every business, and adoption of IoT technologies to enhance Customer experience is fast gaining popularity.  
Here are a few ways in which IoT can benefit customer service:

Better visibility leads to less customer frustration

With the use of IoT, organizations can enjoy better insights and visibility into their customer behaviors. This would help them understand which of their products the customers use the most and how they use them. Companies can utilize such information to offer significantly improved services to their customers. A well-informed customer service team would naturally be more capable of helping out the customers better. This, in turn, lessens or eliminates instances of customer frustrations.  

Smart issue resolution based on comprehensive customer journeys

Implementation of smart IoT technologies would make it much easier for organizations to resolve issues. IoT would make it easier for organizations to gather information on customer journeys and pass it on to their support agents. The agents can then resolve the problems faster and accurately.  Moreover, IoT-powered customer support systems with features like continued conversations enable the support agents to collaborate better. 

Informed ticket classification

AI and IoT can together make automated ticket classification extremely accurate. Large companies that invest heavily in customer support often incorporate AI solutions to classify tickets and assign them to the best agents for each respective issue. IoT would provide the AI systems with adequate data to help them carry out the classifications in a more informed manner. The higher the accuracy, the more efficiently the customer service team can help the customers. 

Smart products unleash new service opportunities

The rise of IoT has led to the emergence of various smart products. These, in turn, give customer service teams more ways to help the customers. This would make customer service more flexible and convenient. Organizations that are constantly looking for ways to maintain top-tier customer service often invest in expanding their modes of service. As IoT becomes more and more popular, we can expect an increasing number of smart products for enhancing the role of customer service. 

Automated reporting of problems

IoT made major headway in the field of customer service with the emergence of appliances capable of diagnosing and reporting problems automatically. For instance, some of the most sophisticated smart refrigerators can detect problems like water leaks and automatically schedule a repair. This reduces the need for human interaction and involvement in reporting issues to customer service. 


IoT has already started revolutionizing data analytics, and this trend is here to stay. Incorporating IoT and data analytics for connected devices enables companies to serve their customers better. With customer service being one of the crucial factors determining retention of customers as well as turning them as royal customers, more and more organizations are leveraging IoT technologies for better impact. 

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