Technologies enabling IoT - IoT software development Stages

by Satya K Vivek | July 08, 2021 Technologies enabling IoT - IoT software development Stages

Internet of Things (IoT) involves a huge network of digital and mechanical objects. Today the number of devices getting connected to the internet is growing. Essentially, the machines and products that connect to the internet together form the IoT. In recent times, IoT technologies are redefining various industries. The connectivity between smart devices is helping to streamline processes across sectors, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. 

IoT Devices and Connected Physical Things

The internet of things consists of IoT devices as well as the physical things that stay connected to the network. The IoT devices include bridges, routing, sensors, and other communication components. IoT hardware finds various applications including security, system activation and action specifications. The physical things include all the devices that connect to the IoT network, such as smart gadgets. 

IoT development services

What Technologies have made IoT Possible?

The first application of IoT took place during the unveiling of the first bank withdrawal ATM in 1969. Eventually, the concept grew popular and the internet of things grew to its current form over the years. This was possible mostly due to the development of several other technologies. 


Essentially, connectivity is an integral part of the whole concept of IoT. As various network protocols for the internet came into being, it became easier to connect the sensors, the cloud, and all other physical things. 

Sensor Technologies

Various types of sensors play an important role in the IoT. As low-power and low-cost sensor technologies became easily accessible, IoT engineering services became significantly easier. 

Machine Learning and Analytics

Cloud storage is yet another key component of IoT and houses vast amounts of data. The advancement of technologies in the field of machine learning and analytics made the process of gathering insights from data much faster. 

Cloud Computing Platforms

A major reason that has helped the concept of IoT grow is the development of cloud computing platforms. These platforms allow businesses and consumers to enjoy IoT infrastructure completely without having to manage it. 

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Ultimately, the development of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) led to the development of digital personal assistance. This made IoT much easier to access and suitable for home use. 

IoT software development: Essential stages

IoT has found application in software development too. Some of the key stages in this field are:

  • Connectivity Setup: Quite obviously, an IoT application would not exist without a proper connectivity setup.
  • Prototyping: Developing a prototype helps to determine the feasibility of the idea.     
  • Visualization and Analytics: Visualizing the product and analyzing the data from it is a key stage in IoT software development
  • Security and Compliance: Adhering to the security and compliance standards makes the software safer and more reliable. 
  • Data Management: One of the prime goals of IoT is to handle large volumes of data seamlessly. 

List of IoT Product Development Services

A variety of IoT product development services are now available to help businesses meet their goals. Various companies offer tailored services, such as: 

  • Design and Engineering 
  • Hardware and firmware development
  • Prototyping 
  • Manufacturing support 

Depending on the stage of development of competence of your team, you may hire any or all of these services. 

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