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Parental Control Home Gateway

Company needed to build a Plug-Play device which redirects all the outward IP traffic in home network to a predefined DNS server hosted in cloud

Project Period: Ongoing
Team Size: 4 members
Protocols Used : ARP, HTTPS, MQTT, HTTP



  • Develop end-to-end architecture for the IoT/Home Automation Solution
  • Multi vendor Hardware support.


  • Simple and reliable filtering product for secure browsing at home.
  • Arp-Spoofing Application which manipulates the host machine arp-cache table for sending all the home network packets to the hosted DNS in cloud
  • GadgEon architected the full system from end node (Atheros based AR9331 SoC ) to Cloud Application and MobApp (for device management)  

Parental Control Home Gateway - Architecture

Tools / Technology  Used
  • AWS IoT, API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda , RDS, SNS , S3, CloudWatch
  • ARP-Spoofing , MQTT , HTTPS
  •  MVC architecture , MMLanScan
  • Jmeter, Owasp.

Architecture for complete system including parental control device ,Cloud and
Mobile App  targeted for the Home Automation / IOT domain
Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Use cases, Architecture development, identification of functional components.
Device firmware for Atheros based SOC Openwrt Chaos Calmer version (15.05.1), Arp-Spoofing Application, MQTT for cloud communication, HTTP REST API’s for MobApp communication , Firmware upgrade support from Cloud and MobApp
Cloud server Cloud server hosted in Amazon. AWS IoT for communication with Hub over MQTT and HTTP. AWS API Gateway for communication with the mobile App.

AWS Lambda is used as a server less compute service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources required.

Amazon SNS messaging service is used to send notifications to Apple iOS

Postgresql database is used for storage
iOS Mobile App design and development for controlling  and managing the device MVC architecture, real-time notifications using  FCM, REST API for direct  
 configuration of the device, Followed the recommended design patterns from

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