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Biosensor SoC - SDK Development For Reference Boards

A semiconductor company wanted to develop a SDK that can be distributed along with their chip and reference board.



  • Develop an embedded software development kit similar to what TI, ST Microelectronics provides along with chips for a Biosensor chip company
  • The SDK has to be Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard (CMSIS) complaint


  • Developed reference libraries for high precision Bio-sensor and reference applications based on the chip
  • Developed the SDK from scratch and developed reference libraries for all embedded peripherals
  • Developed custom and eclipse based development environment in Windows/Linux  along with necessary tools for easy software development  

SDK for Biosensor SoC – System Architecture


1) Architect the complete peripheral and bio-sensor library for low power chip
Architecture a SDK in a CMSIS (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard ) complaint way for a Cortex M0 processor
2) Developed the Embedded peripherals and Bio-Sensor libraries and provide standard API’s for easy use in applications Understanding of various h/w IP’s like QPIM,SPI,I2C,Bio-Sensors etc and design the s/w based on CMSIS standards

3) Integrated RTOS, IP stack, and ported security stacks. Regular Security stacks did not support cortex M0. Optimized security stacks needing over 200kB to work in <20kB memory foot print and ported them to M0.
FreeRTOS, LwIP, WPA2 (WiFi security), SSL , ECDH (custom security mode not available in other chips)
4) Reference application based on chips bio-sensor capabilities developed in a highly power optimized way so that customers can easily go to market Reference application that shows the ultra low power operations of the chip made available for easy productization

5) Provided Linux and Windows Custom development environment similar to KEIL, integrated with cross compilers, debuggers, custom eclipse development mode and other tools needed for easy development
Customized eclipse environment , Serial wire debugger, compilers, python based log analysis and plotting libraries etc

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