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Communications during Emergency Events at Schools

Customer needed a reliable communication system during
emergency events at schools



  • One-way communication
  • Unable to customize alerts for specific events
  • Lack of leadership engagement


  • GadgEon designed an end-to-end IoT system that included a custom microphone, hub, gateway, mobile app and cloud development.
  • Result is the first classroom audio system to incorporate two-way messaging, staff-locating, and visual alert notifications for  emergencies.


1) Architecture for complete system including ZigBee based end  node, ZigBee Hub, Gateway, Cloud and Mobile App Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture development,  identification of functional components.
2) Hardware design, prototyping, boardbring up for ZigBee based  end node and Hub Cadence allegro, optimized for battery powered operation.
3) Embedded firmware for end node, Hub and its integration and  testing on reference platform and on Target platform Ti Z-Stack, IAR embedded workbench, Sharp memory LCD, Optimization for  battery operation, Infrared Audio Subsystem, Location identification using IR  and ZigBee, UI Menu and button interface, Z-Stack configuration for large  network operation using Many To One routing.
4) Embedded Linux based Gateway application between ZigBee and IP Off-the-shelf Hardware (beaglebone Black) was used with the Linux application(cpp),  CC2538 interfaced via UART for ZigBee protocol, MQTT over SSL for cloud communication,  LCD Display (7 inch ) & touchscreen for the visual alert notifcation and alert generation,  Firmware upgrade initiated from the cloud server.
6) Integration of all subsystems with Cloud application developed  by 3rd party School Security System - both iOS & Android – native MVC architecture, encrypted databases, realtime notifications using MQTT & GCM,
REST API based alert generation, Followed the recommended
design patterns from Apple and Google.

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