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Smart Radiator Valve

European start-up wanted to build a smart radiator valve which can lower the cost of heating by up to 30% and saving the green house emissions.

Project Duration: 7 months
Technology Used: BLE 4.0 on Nordic NRF51xx, Central and peripheral role on same BLE chip, OLED


  • Implementing a BLE based custom mesh network to communicate between multiple Valves and Mobile App


  • Smart Valve that can be retrofitted in existing Valves and controlled from Mobile App
  • Room based temperature configuration schedule which can be set from user’s mobile App
  • Temperature and mode control from mobile App as well as directly from Valve’s knob
  • Support for detection of open windows to optimize energy usage
  • Automatic presence detection and setting to away mode when appropriate to reduce the energy consumption
Software Architecture for complete system Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture
development, identification of functional components.
Defined custom BLE profiles and services for implementing use case
Firmware Developed BLE firmware in Nordic nRF51822 using nRF SDK for implementing the custom services and use cases
Implemented a BLE mesh like network of devices that controls radiator valves
Integrated concurrent BLE Central and Peripheral roles in nRF51822 for implementing communication between valves in a home and communication with user’s mobile App.
Implemented synchronization of operation mode and temperature settings of all valves in a home via BLE mesh like network.
Integrated algorithm for controlling Radiator motor and open window detection logic
Implemented  a smart user presence detection method using user’s mobile.
Drivers for rotary encoder, temperature and humidity sensor, OLED display and motor actuator

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