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WebCardio is an end to end remote patient monitoring solution which can be used to scale up traditional ambulatory monitoring  use cases or applied for novel scenarios.
Project Period : 2 years  
Team Size : 10 members
Protocols Used:

  • Reliable & Cost effective cloud based solution for remote ECG monitoring


  • The patch provides 6 leads of ECG data and impedance pneumography waveforms for measuring respiration.
  • The patch can be modified to support, SpO2, temperature and activity data.
  • In a typical deployment it utilizes the ubiquitous patient’s smartphone to stream ECG data to the cloud.
  • It can be adapted to use the Home Wi-Fi router for connectivity or can be used with a dedicated tracker device

WebCardio – Data Flow Diagram

WebCardio – Data Flow Diagram

WebCardio – Cloud Architecture

 Cloud Architecture
Mobile App design and development for interacting with disposable  patch for collecting ECG and related data and stream the data to the  cloud server; both iOS & Android – native
IOS app developed in ObjectiveC using Xcode and native android app  with NDK using Android studio.
Followed the recommended design patterns from Apple and Google.
Cloud based server implementation to store streamed ECG data,
to run real-time analytics and alert generation, to monitor real-time  ECG data, to run batch analytics and to export the stored ECG data.
Serverless architecture using various AWS services; Node.js base  AWS Lambda functions for implementing all business use cases,  AWS Dynamo DB and S3 for storage, AWS SNS for communication  from the disposable patch, AWS API gateway as REST server, AWS  CloudFront as content delivery network (CDN) service. Used other  AWS services like AWS SQS, AWS Route 53, AWS IAM, AWS ACM,  AWS CoudWatch and AWS CodeCommit for the architecture.

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