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Integration of drivers on Android Custom Board

Worldwide leader in home automation controller needed us to bring up Android on a custom hardware with several peripheral devices.

Project Size: 2 members
Project Duration: 3 months
Technology Used: iMx6,  Android, Device drivers



  • Develop/customize device drivers for peripherals with lack of references and minimal support from chip vendors


  • Identified some compatibility issues for camera module with processor which required re-design of the hardware
  • Integrated several the peripherals that required changes in the driver layer and the android subsystem 
  • Resolved issues with instability in customer supplied code  
Device driver development/integration in Android for a custom Hardware based on Freescale iMX6 DualLite processor
  • Customization of OmniVison camera device driver for the imx6 platform. Identified compatibility issues between camera and processor and customer re-designed the camera hardware  with compatible module.
  • Integration of Realtek ALC5672 audio codec in ALSA. Integration with Android. Implemented the required changes for the imx6 SSI driver to record/playback audio using I2S inteface for dual microphones and speakers.
  • Driver changes to route the audio though the DSP module within the audio codec chip to enable features like echo cancellation, noise suppression, far field pick up.
  • Integration of WiFi driver for rtl8188 module with Android Marshmallow
  • Integration of Proximity sensor VCNL4020 driver to the Android subsystem
  • Bootloader customization to configure the u boot for 512MB RAM which is present on the custom board.
  • Resolving stability issues with Ethernet. Identified a DHCP timeout issue with Android Marshmallow base code and resolved it.

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