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Remote Oil Well Measurement and Monitoring

Customer developed a proprietary sensor and wanted to  automate the tasks historically performed manually by a  “Pumper” job role.



  • Individual pump health difficult to detect, resulting in high-cost of  ownership per pump.


  • GadgEon designed the HW, radio communication system and built the back-end cloud systems
  • Data collection system and automated control system was implemented
  • System deployed and operating in Texas Oil Fields presently.

 Smartfield – Data Flow Diagram

Smartfield – Cloud Architecture

  • Overall system architecture for the wireless sensor network
  • Firmware for sensor nodes with MSP430 and Xbee Digimesh modules
  • Interfacing with various sensors via ADC, GPIO, 1 wire and i2c
  • Definition of communication protocol over Digi mesh for sensor data
  • and alarms with very small payloads
  • Implementation of image transfer over Digimesh with limited payload
  • Implementation of software on concentrator node running Linux
  • Web interface for system bring up and configuration
  • Data backup to DB in case of connectivity loss
  • Uploading data to server using http/MQTT
  • Performance optimization of Digimesh for image transfer
  • Hardware design for the sensor nodes, Board bring up, integration

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