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Data Center and Central Office Monitoring

Customer was experiencing difficulties supporting many different variants of their platform



  • Customer experienced high total cost of ownership due to multiple HW/SW platforms


  • GadgEon came up with a SOM-based solution with a homogenous HW/SW platform to cater to all variants of the customer’s product.
  • Monitoring and alarm handling system
  • 3 different management interfaces are supported: Web GUI, CLI, and SNMP V2/V3
  • IP security features compliant with Federal Standards

 Data Centre monitoring – Cloud Architecture

  • Architecture for complete system
  • Embedded Linux based firmware
  • Continuous Integration based on Jenkins
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture  development, identification of functional components.
  • Boot Manager – multiple boot options with priorities
  • User Interfaces : WebGui, SNMP, SHELL
  • Database Manager using Poco Library(sqlite)
  • Operating system abstraction layer using Poco libraries
  • Hardware abstraction for cards/ports and other resources
  • License Management
  • Device Security
  • Firmware Upgrade
  • SDK which includes all platform, libraries and Application software
  • Core functionality of Event Monitoring, Event Generation and Notification
  • Porting of Product variants includes porting of various protocols to the  new framework
  • Jenkins with Robot Framework

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