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Livestock Health Monitoring

$5B lost annually to livestock disease. Customer needed  real-time monitoring of livestock health for herds of up to  20K cattle



  • Radio propagation issues
  • Swift identification and location of diseased livestock..


  • Design of battery-operated implantable “e-Pill” and full-stack IoT implementation 
  • Livestock health index transmitted through mesh network to cloud via gateway 
  • Product currently deployed- in field trials in NE USA

Livestock Health Monitoring – Data Flow Diagram


Architecture, Design and Implementation  Of Firmware
  • State machine code, Acquiring sensor data using I2C, analog and digital IO
  • Data analysis and vital parameter extraction
  • Entering Low power mode when not active
  • Wireless data transfer using TI CC1101 radio and Simpliciti protocol stack
  • Buffering data to the flash memory when the ePill is out of coverage area of Access Point
  • Ability to roam among different Access Points
  • Supports configuration and status extraction from Access Point using the Simpliciti interface
  • Receive data from the ePill, which is implanted in the cattle, using Simpliciti wireless interface.
  • Transmit the received data using RS-232 interface to the Base Station.
  • Wireless data transfer using TI CC1101 radio and Simpliciti protocol stack.
  • The design is highly scalable supports up to 500 ePills at the same time.
  • Basic status displays based on link availability, heartbeat mechanisms.


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