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Doorbell Silencer (App)

Door bell silencer is a BLE enabled device which can be  used for turning door bell on/off, and can be controlled  using a smartphone App via BLE connection



  • iOS/Android App connect to the device using BLE and send command to control the device 
  • relay control for controlling door bell and sense circuit for detecting door bell switch press


  • Product design and architecture
  • Development of complete device hardware, firmware and cross-platform Mobile application
  • Integration of Mechanical and electronics
  • Device to be launched in USA


  • US based Home Automation company.


  • A BLE based Doorbell silencer, controlled by a mobile application.


  • Nordic nRF51822 BLE SoC, Android 4.4 and above, iOS 7 and above, PhoneGap


  • Connect and control the Doorbell device using mobile app.
  • Silence or turn on the door bell device from the mobile app .
  • Present the time of a day ( and the day(s) of a week) at which the Doorbell to be  silenced from the app.
  • Notifications should be received on the mobile, when the Doorbell is pressed during a silence period.
  • Doorbell logs and other information like battery life on the mobile application.


1) Architecture for complete system including BLE based  ruggedized water proof camera flash system and IOS/Andorid  Mobile App to control the device.
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture
    development, identification of functional components.
2) Hardware design, prototyping, boardbring up for BLE based  system. Orcad for schematics and allegro16.6 for layout
3) Embedded firmware BLE based system and its integration and  testing on reference platform and on Target platform
Nordic nrf51 BLE Stack and SDK , Keil IDE. The device has the  following hardware peripherals
a. EE2-5NU relay
4) Mobile App design and development for controlling and
managing the ruggedized door bell.
Followed the recommended design patterns from Apache  cordova. Advertisement, pairing using the passkey, discover  services, enable/disable doorbell, notification to the house users  with history logs.

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