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Universal Communication Module for Smart Grid

Research institute for Energy developed the new Demand-response protocol (CEA-2045) for Home appliances. The UCM can bridge the Home appliance to many demand-response protocols. The reference device bridged between OpenADR and CEA 2045.

Project Duration : 7 months
Technology Used : OpenADR, CEA-2045, SSL/TLS, Linux, C++, u-boot, AR9342, RS-485



  • Create a bridging device between CEA-2045 and OpenADR protocols
  • Resource optimization for limited flash storage and developing USB to SPI bridge in microcontroller


  • Developed an ultra low cost UCM with WiFi uplink overcoming tight resource constraints. 
  • Developed OpenADR to CEA-2045 Mapping Software in C++ on OpenWRT.
  • Support for automatic firmware update.
1) Software Architecture for complete system Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture development, identification of functional components.
2) Firmware The mandatory interfaces of RS485 and CEA-2045 SPI is added to the Kernel. The device model for the board init file is created for the UCM.

The custom SPI interface is connected to the GPIOs available. These GPIO lines is incorporated in to the Datalink state machine in the application space for bit-banging.

The Linux kernel SPI framework is used to register a new SPI slave. The datalink state machine is incorporated in the Kernel module for the CEA-2045 compliant SPI.

WiFi interface support Station and AP modes using virtual interfaces

User interface developed using LuCi framework in OpenWRT. Bridging software developed in C++ and threads.

Developed USB to SPI bridge using MSP430 Microcontroller. 

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