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Safety Brand Company


Company needed an Automation platform supporting most of its product lines in IoT

Project Period: Ongoing
Team Size: 7 members
Protocols Used : WiFi, BLE, HTTPS
Tools Used : Robot framework, Python, Selenium, Appium, TestRail,  Jira 



  • Automation Framework for Multiple products managed using single Mobile Application.
  • Manual interaction was required to initiate pairing mode in DUT ( 5 times button press ).
  • Effort and Schedule for Reliability testing( Long duration )  with multiple configuration cycles ent area


  • GadgEon designed Automation Framework that supports test case convergence spanning  different product types with Mob App 
  • USB Controlled multichannel relay control for simulating button press events.
  • Reduced effort and schedule by automating 90% of regression, reliability and performance test cases.

Automation Framework Architecture



Tools / Technology  Used 

Cloud Service Automation 
Selenium, Jmeter
Device Automation 
Python, Selenium, WiFi, BLE, SSH, USB Controlled Relay, HTTPS
Test Management  and Reports 
TestRail, Robot Framework
MobApp Automation

Continuous Integration
Jenkins, Git


1) Defined Test Strategy for the complete system including CO/Smoke Detection System , Cloud Service and Mobile App. Requirements Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and uses case based on end to end scenarios
2) Simulated large network operations for performance bench marking and scalability testing. Jmeter
3) Designed Automation framework which can validate  MobApp, Device 
UI/CLI(Web Interface / RS232 Serial), Device LED indicators and Cloud API’s
Python based automation framework  with  Selenium Webdriver  and  Appium
support for verifying the device/CLI(Web Interface / RS232 Serial ) and Mobile App
( for iOS & Android ).
Relay controls and Off the shelf hardware with  custom firmware to verify the button 
press events and  LED status indicators.
Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases 
4) Custom global methods are defined for test script reusability
     across different product variants.
Python, Appium , Selenium webdriver and Robot Framework 
5) Automation framework supporting test evidence and detailed
    logs including screen shots for ease of debugging.
TestRail , Python, Appium , Selenium webdriver and Robot Framework 
6) Implemented Continuous Integration process as part of  development and testing phases Jenkins, Git, Robot Framework

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