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Wireless Stack Customization for a Multi-Radio SoC


A Fabless semiconductor company wanted to customize a WiFi Stack to work on coin cell operated device and add Multi-Radio capabilities in Medical-Band and UWB Spectrum.

Project Size: 15 members

Project Duration: 2 years

Technology Used: Arm Cortex M0, 802.11 MAC, M-BAN, UWB, TDMA, IPC



  • Typical WiFi requires over 200mA of current to do transmission, requirement was to customize a WiFi Stack to work with less than 50mA
  • Add Multi-Radio communication protocol to do real-time switching between WiFi, Medical Band and UWB radios



  • Modified a Split WiFi MAC architecture based code working on Cortex-Ax to work as FullMAC single chip architecture solution on Cortex-M0 processor
  • Developed highly optimized Power save features to make WiFi work from Coin Cells 
  • Developed TDMA based solution to switch between Multi-Radios 




  • Understood existing Split-MAC architecture and converted to FullMAC 802.11 MAC solution that runs on Cortex-M0 processor
  •  802.11 MAC stack, Cortex-M0 processor
  • Designed IPC between Multicore SoC for Application stack to interface with WLAN stack
  • Developed Polling and Interrupt based Multi-Core Chip communication IPC using Message Queue architecture 
  • Customized IEEE Power save mechanism to operate with very low Tx Power consuming Radio with Rx/Tx consuming <50mA compared to standard Wi-Fi solution consuming over 200mA
  • Developed WiFi Power save scheme to work with stringent power restrictions and special battery properties of Coin Cells in production version of solution
  • Developed and integrated WiFi Security Stack like WPA2 in the smallest footprint in less than 20kB compared to 150+kB of standard implementation 
  • WPA2-PSK, ECDH Security 
  •  Altered Pairing scheme in WiFi to make it work like NFC for proximity pairing, using Novel techniques like ECDH for Security to avoid user inputs in keyboard less devices
  • ECDH, custom pairing scheme 
  • Developed a TDMA prototype to prove feasibility of Multi-Radio chip for enhancing capacity of network without loosing reliability
  • WiFi, Medical Band, Ultra Wide Band radio operations 
  • Provided Linux and Windows Custom development environment similar to KEIL, integrated with cross compilers, debuggers, custom eclipse development mode and other tools needed for easy development
  • Customized eclipse environment, Serial wire debugger, compilers, python based log analysis and plotting libraries

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