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Android App for Vehicle Tracking

A vehicle security system company needed a user friendly Android App to communicate with a tracker device installed in the vehicle and to receive timely alerts during an emergency or safety threats. It should allow the user to take actions while being away from the vehicle.

Project Size: 3 members
Project Duration: 4 months
Technology Used: Android, GSM, GPS, Appium, Robot framework



  • Developed user friendly Android application which is effective in vehicle tracking via GPS location and communication via text messaging.
  • Easy location identification of the car in vast parking lots 
  • Support a 3 way call to emergency services in case of theft situation
  • Alerting emergency contacts automatically in case of emergency
  • Complete test automation scripts to test the application in 12+ different OS/Phone combinations.

System Overview



Software Architecture for complete system
  • Requirements gathering & analysis, identification of functional components, Uses cases.
  • Architecture development
Android application development 
  • Configure the owner's mobile number with the vehicle security tracking device.
  • Control and configure the vehicle security tracking device using the mobile application via text messaging.
  • Alert the user, if there is any emergency messages received from the vehicle security tracking device to the owner's mobile.
  • Notify the user for all the messages received from the vehicle security tracking device.
  • Keep record of all the communication between the vehicle security tracking device and the mobile.
  • In case of an emergency user can make a call to the tracker and based on users input tracer will connect to the nearest 911 emergency services for immediate action.
Automation Test Script development
  • Test script development was done using robot framework and Appium.
  • Test Automation helped to improve efficiency of testing by saving time, enabling parallel execution on multiple devices and ensured testing on 13 devices with different OS and vendor combinations.
  • Maintenance is easy due to automation since regression testing can be done using automation scripts.

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