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Wearable Camera

Wearable Camera

Company needed to build complete software stack from  embedded Linux to mobile app to cloud to support a  highly-functional wearable camera product.



  • Limited video and image functionality was available on the chipset. 
  • Custom solution was required


  • Implemented HLS for iOS app in a very compressed schedule
  • End to end stack development
  • World’s smallest live-streaming wearable camera. (1.5” X 1.5”)
Wearable Camera – Data Flow Diagram
1) Architecture for complete system including WiFi/BLE based wearable camera,  Video Streaming Cloud platform, Social API platform and Mobile App Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture development,  identification of functional components.
2) Firmware for wearable camera. Camera REST API implementation to cotrol the  camera and retrieve captured media over WiFi and BLE libmicrohttpd, C , Buildroot,shell scripting
3) Mobile App design and development for interacting with camera (both wearable  and phone's inbuilt) and Social interaction via cloud- both iOS & Android – native MVC architecture, notification handling using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) for  Android and APN(Apple Push Notification) for iOS, BLE/WiFI interactions with  wearable camera, API interface with node.js Server, Google Cloud Storage and  Wowza stream server. IOS app developed in Swift using Xcode and native android  app using Android studio.

Followed the recommended design patterns from Apple and Google.
4) Cloud based server implementaion to enable social interaction, media sharing
and live streaming
Express framework based node.js REST API server, Clustered Postgresql backend  database, Google Cloud Storage for Media storage and sharing, Wowza stream server  for live streaming and wowza java plugin for authentication and acces control, sms  notifications using Twilio server, push notifications via Google Cloud Messaging and  Apple Push Notification Service, eMail using SMTP server. Google cloud platform for  hosting the cloud server: Google Container Engine for auto scalable deployment,  Google Compute Engine and Google Cloud storage.
5) Integration of all sub-systems to create the social camera system

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