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Health Monitoring Solution


Medical solution for  real time monitoring – Respiration , ECG and Pulse Oximetry 

Project Period : 4 years  
Team Size : 4 members  
Protocols Used: WiFi
Tools Used: Python, Robot framework, Bamboo, AWS 



  • Implement CI/CD Framework for improving the development process
  • System validation  for a medical solution  having Multiple Interfaces  and hardware devices
  • Real time data validation and monitoring


  • Designed test automation framework for end to end use case validation integrated with standard CI/CD framework
  • Designed custom solutions for automating test cases spanning different interfaces and hardware
  • Automated test scripts for data verification

Test System


Tools / Technology  Used

Continuous Integration and Deployment
Atlassian Bamboo
Shell Script

Test Automation 
Python , Robot Framework, WiFi
Image Processing – Tenser Flow 
Real time LCD Touch Simulation – Robotic Arm
Mode Changes simulation for the hardware – 8 Port USB relay 

Test Management  and Reports 
Robot Framework

Defined Test Strategy for the complete system Requirements Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and use case based on end to end test scenarios
Implemented CI /CD Framework for improving the development 
a) Bamboo with Master salve configuration running in Cloud AWS EC2 Instance  and 
in a local network  servers.
b) GCC in AWS EC2 
c) Amazon S3 Bucket for Image Storage 
d) Git
Simulated large network operations for performance bench marking Used custom python programs
Designed Automation framework which can validate  multiple interfaces on different hardware a) USB Output validated using Custom Hardware consist of USB Mux and Relays.
b) LCD Output validation using Image processing tools - TensorFlow , OpenCV
c) Real-time KEY PAD Controls /Hardware Mode changes using Robotic Arm / USB
    Relay controls .
d) Test scripts using python and shell scripts
e) Data verification using ethereal 
Automation framework supporting test evidence and detailed logs including screen shots for ease of debugging TestRail  and Robot Framework

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