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Parental Control Home Gateway


Company needed to build a Plug-Play device which redirects all the outward IP traffic in home network to a predefined DNS server hosted in cloud 

Project Period: Ongoing
Team Size: 4 members
Protocols Used : ARP, HTTPS, MQTT, HTTP
Tools Used : Jasmine framework, Protractor, Selenium, JavaScript, Jmeter, Appium


  • Develop end-to-end architecture for the IoT/Home Automation Solution
  • Multi vendor Hardware support
  • Automating AngularJS and Non AngularJS WebUI , Device Interface and MobApp


  • Simple and reliable filtering product for secure browsing at home
  • GadgEon architected the full system from end node to Cloud Application and MobApp (for device management)
  • Designed a Automation framework with custom helper libraries which can simultaneously interact with multiple web platforms, device and MobApp

Automation Framework Architecture


Tools / Technology Used 


  • AWS IoT, API Gateway
  • AWS Lambda , RDS, SNS , S3, CloudWatch


  • ARP-Spoofing , MQTT , HTTPS


  •  MVC architecture , MMLanScan


  • Jasmine framework, Protractor, Selenium, JavaScript, Jmeter, Python,  Appium, Jmeter, Owasp

Defined Test Strategy for the complete system including Plug-Play device, Cloud Application and Mobile App
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and uses case based on end to end scenarios
Performance benchmarking for Rest API’s 
  • Jmeter
Scalability Testing for RESTAPI’s and Web socket
  • Jmeter, Blaze meter
Cloud application automation
  • Protractor, Jasmine framework, Selenium, JavaScript
  • Automated all the test cases related to Admin Operations ( 100 % Test coverage ) 
  • Query Performance check for identifying the  database real time operational performance 
  • SQL Injection check to identify the vulnerabilities
iOS & Android  Mobile app automation
  • Appium
  • Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
  • Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases 
Automated hardware device ( Interface – SSH, WebUI)
  • Python, Selenium
Security testing on Mobile and cloud application to identify the security risks
  • Owasp

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