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IO and Aggregation Cards for IIoT

Design, development and productization of IO cards for IIoT with NXP microcontroller LPC15xx/LPC17xx fitting in to DIN enclosures

Interfaces: CAN bus for Inter card communication, Ethernet and WIFI uplink for controller Node IO nodes with Digital IOs, Analog Ios, Thermocouple Inputs, ZigBee and BLE radios



  • Designed and tested eight different types of IO cards communicating over a CAN bus
  • Developed the manufacturing test software and production firmware
  • Integrated CANOpen using CANFestival stack
  • Intelligent edge solutions accessing, aggregating, transporting and analyzing data
  • Complete end to end solution including data collection nodes, edge gateway, cloud application and mobile apps
1) Feasibility study and Documentation
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, competitive product study, H/W Architecture development and finalization, Firmware architecture development and finalization, Power requirement analysis via power estimation, component selection of all major components with CBOM with MOQ, LT etc
2) Hardware design
  • Card types developed –
    Digital Input, Digital output
    Analog Voltage, Analog Current
    PT100, J / K, Radio
  • Controller node with ethernet and WIFI uplink to aggregate data
  • Cadence allegro, PCB manufacturing/assembly with European partner
  • PCB designed to fit in to off the shelf DIN enclosures
3) FW development
  • Production firmware was developed for all the boards with FreeRTOS real time operating system
  • Communication between the controller board and the IO boards was over the CAN interface
  • Can festival (CANOpen implementation) software stack was integrated into the Core board and the node boards
  • Cards required drivers for various devices like ADS1118 and ADS1247, temperature sensors, digital IO
  • Firmware download to IO nodes over the CAN interface
4) Bring-up and Testing
  • Initial bring-up of the board followed by detailed Electrical interface validation(EVT) including interface validation of Analog, Digital, Temperature, IOs, CAN and Ethernet interfaces
  • Prepared and documented the manufacturing testing for the product

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