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Smart fuel cross over prevention system

In petroleum trucking industry, a lapse in loading correct petroleum product into its respective storage tank will fork out an astronomical bill. Probe Flange’s qualitative measurement and data aggregation allows carriers in making decisions that will significantly reduce costly mistakes when transferring products from petroleum transport trailers to storage tanks.

Project Size: 4 members
Project Duration: 6 months
Sensors Incorporated: Color, Temperature, PID TAG, Index of Refraction
Interfaces available: CAN and UART



  • PCB Design constraints for housing PCB inside an injection moulded custom flange
  • Intrinsically safe power design


  • Intrinsically safe device confronting to the power limits
  • High Current Detection to avoid excessive current drain due to multiple devices being active simultaneously
  • Periodic self-test and Power Up Diagnostics with error code generation


Probe Flange - System Architecture


Probe Flange - Use case

1) Feasibility study and Documentation
  • Requirement gathering & analysis
  • H/W and F/W architecture development and finalisation
  • Component selection for all components & BOM management
2) Hardware design (Schematics)
  • Part selection to minimal formfactor as possible to accumulate all interfaces in required PCB dimensions.
  • Tool: Altium Designer
3) PCB design (Layout)
  • Complex 6 layer PCB design for small form-factor -130x45 mm
  • Intra and Inter Length matching and spacing for different interfaces.
  • Tool: Altium Designer
4) Fab and Assembly House co-ordination
  • DFM and DFA
  • Preparing low cost CBOM’s with low cost alternates identified for high cost parts.
  • Life time check for components in BoM.
5) Bring-up and Testing
  • Initial bring-up of the board followed by detailed Electrical Validation.
  • CAN and UART Interface Alpha Test suite
6) Firmware Application development
  • CANopen stack integration for the implementing CAN protocol
  • Product ID (PID) Tag information decoding
  • Product grade identification using refractive index of fluids
  • Product identification using fluid color detection.
  • Power up diagnostics and periodic self check for all sensors and interfaces

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