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Develop End-to-End Architecture For The IIoT Solution

Customer needed to develop an industrial Iot  solution for factory floors to improve the quality,  decision making and predictive maintenance.

Project Period: 4 Months
Team Size: 4 members
Protocols Used : DDS, https/MQTT, HTTP, WebSocket




  • Develop end-to-end architecture for the Iiot Solution intelligent edge solutions accessing, aggregating, transporting, analyzing.


  • GadgEon architected the full system for end node (Modular - interfaces), Edge Node (Linux)

Winext - Architecture

Architecture for complete system including End nodes, EMS, Cloud and  Mobile App targeted for the Industrial IOT domain
Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Use cases, Architecture development, identification  of functional components.
Hardware Architecture, SoC/SoM selection, Hardware design, Prototyping,  Boardbringup for End nodes
Cadence allegro, PCB manufacturing/assembly with European partner
Embedded firmware for End nodes and its integration and testing on  reference platform and on Target platform
Uboot, Linux kernel, Device driver development, Application development,
DDS used as middleware for communication, WiFi drivers, Eclipe IDE for development,  JTAG debugger, BeagleBoneBlack used for prototyping/initial development. Application  developed in C/C++.
Linux based Gateway application (EMS) which could be deployed either  in the cloud or on server class hardware on customer premises Application Running on server class hardware in customer premises or cloud.
DB selection, application development C++/Java, End Node discovery/management,  Provisioning, License Management, Analytics Management, Floor Plan management,  support for MQTT, AMQP, HTTP modules integration with 3rd party cloud applications,  Firmware upgrade, DDS middleware for communication,
Mobile App design and development for controlling and managing EMS
IOS/Android support. Followed the recommended design patterns from Apple and
Integration of all subsystems with 3rd party cloud applications / Analytics engines
Analytics algorithm developed by 3rd party integration with analytics engine.

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