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Ultra Low Cost IoT Home Gateway with IPv6 support

Worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies wanted a ultra low cost IoT Home Gateway with associated cloud and mobile applications for securing home against fire, flood and freeze.

Project Size: 15 members
Project Duration: 9 months
Technology Used: MT7688, Zwave, SubGHz RF, OpenWRT, IoTivity, Node.js, iOS/Android, AWS




  • Bringing down the overall cost of the system down to few tens of dollars


  • Simple and reliable Hub at a very low cost for securing home against fire, flood and freeze
  • Supports multiple wireless technologies for sensor and actuators ie 433MHz and Z-wave
  • Uses the home router for connection to the internet either using WiFi or ethernet

Ultra Low Cost Hub – System Architecture

1) Architecture for complete system including Hub, Cloud and mobile application
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, Uses cases, Architecture development, identification of functional components.
2) Hardware design with low cost optimization, prototyping, board bring up
  • Cadence allegro
  • Feasibility analysis for meeting sub 20$ BoM cost . Comparing multiple MCU and MPU based system designs to arrive at the lowest cost option.
  • Identifying pin compatible alternatives for memory with different capacities (SPI flash and DDR) for future proofing the software.
3) Hub Firmware
  • Low level linux
  • U boot customization for the specific RAM and flash memory on the custom board.
  • Openwrt porting to the custom board
  • Board bringup using JTAG. Modifying JTAG scripts for custom hardware.
  • Board manufacturing test software with testing for all interfaces
  • Power on self test
  • Driver integration for the Z-wave
  • Application software
  • Porting and Integration of Z/IP Gateway for Z-wave interface on MT7688
  • Development of protocol stack for handling communication with the PIC MCU
  • Running custom protocol on 433MHz. Mt7688 communicates to PIC over UART
  • interface
  • Integration of MQTT stack for communication with AWS IOT cloud service
  • Integration of SQLite DB
  • Modifying the openwrt firmware upgrade to support fail safe firmware upgrade
  • Security – Support for mutual authentication with cloud

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