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Android app for vehicle tracking

Android app for vehicle tracking


A vehicle security system company needed a user friendly Android App to communicate remotely with the vehicle for timely alerts on emergencies and improved safety management.

The Problem / Challenge

A vehicle security system company needed a user friendly Android App to communicate with a tracker device installed in the vehicle to receive timely alerts on emergency or safety threats.  The users should be able to take actions even while they are away from the vehicle.

The Solution

The tracking system consist of the following components

Vehicle tracking device

The tracking device is a microcontroller based system installed in the vehicle. It has a cellular modem which can communicate with owners mobile app through text messaging and calls. This also can enter in to a 3 way call with 911 personnel in case of a theft situation.

Android application

The android application allows to configure the tracker and receive alerts using text messaging. Since the data is not shared to any server, privacy of  the customer is not compromised.  The customer can configure various parameter for the tracker device like owners number, alternate contacts to message in case of emergency, system operating mode etc.

When the tracking device detects  an alert condition like theft or towing, user gets notified via text messages. The messages contain detailed information like location of the vehicle, and this will be displayed on a map in the app. In case of an emergency user can make a call to the tracker and based on users input tracer will connect to the nearest 911 emergency services for immediate action. The app also keep record of all the communication between the vehicle security tracking device and the mobile.

The application was tested using automation test scripts. Test script development was done using robot framework and Appium. Test Automation helped to improve efficiency by saving time, enabling parallel execution on multiple devices with different OS and vendor combinations.

The Benefits Delivered

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