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Obsolescence Management for one of leading home automation company


Component obsolescence management for Hardware

In this era of rapidly evolving technology, the electronic components are becoming obsolete at a fast pace, creating a need for effective obsolescence management. Lack of understanding of its importance can have a negative impact on companies of all sizes and sectors. Delay in updating the product could result in potential lost sales and customer confidence.

One of the home automation companies in North America had developed an IoT solution for premium customers. They have developed sensor technology which is embedded in their home smart furniture, that can report the status of them and even control the operation using RF links. The gateway was having few end-of-life parts on the board which the client wanted to replace. Moreover, the client was also worried about the limited RF range of the gateway that was affecting its performance. 

More than a sheer technical team, the client was looking for a trusted engineering partner who always goes the extra mile to overcome the challenges encountered.

Business Challenge of Customer 

The client was facing multiple challenges like

What Gadgeon did?

Gadgeon helped the client to redesign and develop the new gateway by replacing the obsolete components and resolving the RF range issue.

On analysis, the real reason for the limited range was identified as the noise sources on gateway hardware. Corrective action was taken to reduce the noise level which resulted in substantial improvement of  RF Range 

Client Benefits 

Obsolescence Management for one of leading home automation company

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