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Wearable Multi Radio Data Acquisition Module



A miniature vibrating, Bluetooth audio streaming & rechargeable data acquisition module that collects data from 433MHz TX devices. Hub is integrated with an iOS Mobile/Watch App which has Bluetooth connectivity to it.

Results / Outcomes

System Implementation Details

SL Category


1 Technology Used

BLE/BT 4.1, 433.92MHz Sub GHz RF, eMMC 5.1, Li-po battery, iOS.

2 Interfaces availed 

Micro USB,BLE/BT, Four User configurable buttons,  Power slide switch, 3 RGB status LEDs, Low power battery indication

3 Design Challenges
  • Form factor constraints – 42x60x8mm
  • Having two radio interfaces (433MHz and BLE/BT) with on-board PCB antenna in this form-factor
4 Hardware Design (Schematics)
  • Part selection to minimal footprint as possible to accumulate all interfaces in required PCB dimensions.
  • Design done in view of passing radio certifications with proper EMC guidelines.
  • Tool: Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS 
5 PCB Design (Layout)
  • Complex PCB design of very small form-factor of 42X60mm. 
  • Intra and Inter Length matching and spacing for all critical high speed interfaces.
  • Critical placement & routing of radio signals (433.92MHz, BT) to ensure optimum performance.
  • 6L 1.6mm PCB with BGA fanout micro Via Structure
  • Tool: Cadence Allegro PCB Designer 
6 Fab and Assembly House co-ordination
  • DFM and DFA 
  • Preparing low cost CBoM’s with low cost alternatives identified for high cost parts.
  • Life time check for components in BoM.
7 Board bring-up and Testing
  • Initial bring-up of the board followed by detailed Electrical interface verification. 
  • Testing on iOS platform. 
8 Firmware Application Development
  • Integration of  Bluetopia stack for BLE/BT Dual module
  • 433 MHZ RF integration in GPIO mode in custom protocol format
  • STBCFG01JR  Fuel Gauge driver development and integration
  • eMMC 5.1 driver development and integration
  • Sophisticated state machine development for multiple event handling and status updation
  • Remote firmware upgrade support
  • FreeRTOS integration
  • Pairing and audio playback to a BT Classic ear piece.

System Architecture


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