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School Emergency Communication Systems


School Emergency Communication Systems



Our Customer Wanted a reliable communication system so that events leading to emergencies can be monitored and responded at schools

Results / Outcomes

System Overview

System Description

The alert management system consist of various components to achieve the desired benefits

Cloud Application

Customized DelCloud application manages provisioning of multiple Gateways and associated Hubs and badges. The application coordinates the communication between Gateways, mobile apps, desktop apps and web applications. MQTT protocol is used as communication protocol between cloud and gateways. REST API and Websockets are used to interact with cloud and client applications.

Web application supports various functionalities like administrate schools, alert classification, user management, firmware upgrade etc. Web application also supports viewing the current status and statistics of the systems. Web UI can used for viewing, generation, escalation and closing of alerts. 

When an event is generated from the users badge/app, the floor view provides the exact location of the event in a school floor plan, so that emergency responders can locate the person quickly. The features like walkie talkie and integration with schools existing alert management system will help to take quick action during alert events.

Desktop App 

The windows application is a client application which runs on a Windows desktop. The application is used for getting notifications during alerts. User can view the alert details from the notification received. It is a C# application using WPF framework. 

The Mac OS desktop application has the similar functionalities of windows application. It is developed using cross platform electron.js and angular frameworks.


Customized DelEdge based Gateway application, which manages hub Zigbee mesh network on one side and communicates with cloud application over MQTT on the other side.  Cc2538 based dongle is used for ZigBee functionality. 


Microcontroller based ZigBee hubs form a large mesh network throughout the school to propagate the alerts. The Hub also provides audio and visual alerts to students and staff. Hub also has BLE interface for receiving alert initiated from badges used by staff members.

iOS & Android Mobile Apps 

Alerts staff members on new events as they happen. Staff members can also generate alerts, escalate and close alerts. Walkie-talkie based emergency communication from mobile and web, between responder and  crisis management team.

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