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Case Studies

Penetration testing of 360 Degree Camera with cloud connectivity


End to End  iot testing

Company needed to build complete software stack from embedded Linux to mobile app to cloud that support a highly-functional 360Degree action camera product based on Ambarella SOC. Automate end-to-end use case level testing including both the functional as well non-functional testing  of all covered devices, cloud applications, and Mobile App.

Solution Description

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

The Solution / System Description



Defined Test Strategy for the complete system including 360Degree camera, Video Streaming Cloud platform, Social API platform and Mobile App.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and uses case based on end to end scenarios

Performance benchmarking for Rest API’s 


Scalability Testing for RESTAPI’s and Web socket 

Jmeter , Blaze meter

Cloud application automation

  • Selenium, Robot framework, Python, Jmeter
  • Automated all the test cases related to Admin Operations ( 100 % Test coverage ) 
  • Query Performance check for identifying the  database real time operational performance 
  • SQL Injection check to identify the vulnerabilities

iOS & Android  Mobapp automation

  • Appium, Robot framework, Python
  • Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
  • Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases 
  • Crash test on application using heavy load(Eg : Continues image capture , video capture etc)

Security testing on Mobile and cloud application to identify the security risks.


Continuous Integration Framework implementation

Robot Framework 

System / Architecture Description

Tools / Technology  Used 

Cloud Service Automation 
Device Automation 
MobApp Automation
Continuous Integration
Test Management  and Reports 

Action Camera App testing

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