Communication Service Providers


Communication Service Providers (MVNOs/MNOs/MVNEs)

Gadgeon has extensive expertise in developing features and maintaining custom developed BSS/ OSS platforms for different Telecom service providers including MVNOs/MNOs. Gadgeon’s core experts worked on different enterprise applications using Microsoft and open source based technologies for full stack development - client side, server side and database.

Typical Challenges at MVNO/MNO

  • Existence of multiple OSS/BSS platforms since the company has grown out of acquisitions
  • Need to quickly onboard new carriers, add new features
  • Consolidation of multiple platforms in short time
  • Mapping carrier plans to customer plans and mapping them to various platforms
  • Enhance the platform scalability (Testing 2 million SIMs with the platform)
  • An automation platform keeping up with the new feature developments

Gadgeon’s offerings to MVNO/ MNO

  • Expertise in BSS/ OSS features
    • Stock order/Order SIM process
    • SIM Provisioning ( Activation,Reactivation,Deactivation,Plan Change,Profile Change)
    • SIM State transitions (Stock,Test,Ready,Active state transitions)
    • Call Data Records (CDR) Parsing
    • Service & Rules management
    • Billing
    • Implementing various business processes in BPM suite
  • Gadgeon can quickly build up a team and ramp-up on knowledge acquisition, quality process in development and testing - ramped-up a productive team of 35 members in 45 days
  • A versatile engineering team that can work in legacy and cutting-edge technologies at the same time.Team has good experience in Enterprise Architecture patterns like Service Oriented Architecture and Application Architecture patterns like Microservice Architecture. Microservices is a better alternative to building applications They break down an application into components that are decoupled from each other. The benefit of this is
    • Agility and productivity
    • Scalability
    • Resilience

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