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Expertise - Embedded Firmware - Low Power Design

Expertise on various microcontroller-based systems using TI-MSP430, TI-Piccolo, ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4, ST, Freescale, PIC, Atmel etc.

We have designed and developed a wide range of products using microcontrollers for Consumer Electronics, Wearable, Medical, Home Automation, Industrial Automation and Health/Wellness applications. We develop and integrate various device drivers, wireless stacks to the Microcontrollers to realize end to end IoT systems. We have expertise in various areas like low power embedded firmware design and low power optimization for embedded systems.

Microcontroller Expertise
  • TI; STMicroelectronics; Freescale; Microchip
  • Nordic; Atmel; NXP; Rabbitcore (Digi); Cypress
Microcontroller based Wireless Expertise
  • Power optimized WiFi
  • BT/BLE
  • ZigBee/ XBee
  • ZigBee based Scalable/Complex Mesh systems
  • NFC
  • ISM band radios
  • Long range low power RF systems (LoRA)
  • Small foot print Operating Systems - FreeRTOS, CoOS, Contiki, MQX from Freescale, SYS/BIOS from TI
  • Interface drivers - UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, I2S, DAC, SDIO, USB, RS485, CAN
  • Sensors - Temperature, Light level, Tank level, Humidity, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Haptic, Fuel gauge, Soil moisture, GPS
  • Peripheral devices - Displays LCDs/OLED, SPI flash, RTC, LED driver, Audio codec, FPGA, FIFOs, Infrared
  • Tool chains - TI CCS, Freescale Code Warrior, Keil uVision, IAR embedded workbench, MPLAB X for PIC
Key Strengths
  • Firmware architecture including component selection, hardware architecture and optimal firmware design
  • Power optimization for battery powered wearable devices
  • GUI driven firmware for embedded devices
  • Customized wireless MAC for specific applications like TDMA implementation on WiFi MAC
  • Implementation of data processing algorithms on embedded microcontrollers
  • Porting DSP algorithms to resource constrained MCU
  • Throughput optimization for wireless communication (BLE, WiFi)
  • Integration of security/encryption - Polar SSL, AES, WPA Supplicant
  • Integration of communication protocol stacks (eg LWIP, MQTT) and filesystem libraries (eg FATFS)
  • Integration of data compression libraries like LZMA, LZO and MiniLZO
  • Implementation of custom protocol for Inter-processor communication
  • Test firmware development for validating Hardware designs
  • Interfacing with IOS and Android apps
  • Interfacing with FPGA and CPLDs
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Clients Feedback

Gadgeon was extremely professional and was easy to communicate and work with on a day-to-day basis. I also liked the fact that they were willing to do the research for specific tasks and present a viable solution or workaround to keep the project on schedule. I would...

John Kasha
John Kasha

Vice President,Product Development and Engineering

It has been absolute pleasure to partner with Gadgeon. At C3, we have worked with Hari and his team on a variety of projects that have yielded exceptional results. From low level embedded to cloud applications, the Gadgeon team consistently over delivers on...

Craig Carder
Craig Carder

Principal Engineering Consultant

HMicro and Gadgeon have been associated for many years now, and it is noteworthy that HMicro’s software work is almost completely handled by Gadgeon. The association started as a small demo project even before HMicro had any engineering staff, and then moved to a...

Rama Kishore Chikkam
Rama Kishore Chikkam

Senior Director, Software and Operations


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