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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Gadgeon has developed a rapid IIoT application development framework called DelphEon, which enables our customers to save 50% in schedule & 60% in cost while implementing IIoT applications. Built on top of AWS or Azure, DelphEon simplifies your factory digitization process. With DelphEon, factories can connect any sensors to the internet and integrate the data from the sensors to 3rd party SW applications or enterprise applications. DelphEon components digram is given below:

DelphEon Features:

  • Ability to upload 2D models to create Virtual factory floor, Warehouse, Theme Park or Connected Home
  • Drag and map sensors on to the 2D model and provision
  • Simulate IIoT implementation and experience the benefits using DelphEon before really investing at No cost
  • Integrate with IT enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, EAM, etc.
  • Integration hooks for Machine learning and Deep learning models, whether in-house or 3rd party

Factory Digitization Using DelEdge

  • Old legacy equipment rarely uses the same protocols as new equipment. In some cases, legacy equipment use analog protocols, which need to be converted before digitization can occur.
  • DelEdge is the field gateway located in the factory floor which is connected to existing PLC, SCADA system and legacy equipments for data collection and aggregation.
  • Multiple protocols require conversion to harmonize the data sent to the cloud database
  • DelEdge supports many industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC, PROFINET, etc to connect different type of industrial equipments.
  • The edge gateway is must-have equipment to address round trip network delay from cloud server and to realize near real-time experience for remote monitoring.

Digitization Methodology

  • Step 1: Analyze: What are the operational and digital goals? What problems are you looking to solve?
  • Step 2: Virtualize: Drag and drop from a library of sensors to quickly virtualize the factory floor. Then, using simple dashboards, provisioning of sensors and equipment is easy.
  • Step 3: Simulate: Why invest in this equipment before you validate that the solution can achieve your operational and business goals? Let Gadgeon help you, using our innovative Delpheon Platform and unique approach!
  • Step 4: Digitize: Integration of legacy equipment and harmonization of data is not an easy task. Let Gadgeon’s experts help with your Industry 4.0 topology.
  • Step 5: Implement Industry 4.0 - Gadgeon can work alongside our customers in their Industry 4.0 journey.

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