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Facing tough challenges in managing and delivering PRODUCTS at speed and quality within budgets?

Our Vertical focused Services will help you

'Industry based IoT solution
Networking management system


Are you in the middle of migrating traditional Networking / datacom products and services to cloud? Need to build a fast-tracked “Concept-to-Prototype” for your IoT enablement? Planning to leverage micro-services architecture to take care of the dynamic feature release requirements? Or are you in the middle of migrating legacy platforms to micro-services architecture?

We are here to help you.

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Networking equipment management

Home Automation

Security concerns and challenges are bothering you on your home automation solutions? Do you have to constantly deal with multiple apps to manage multiple devices?

Gadgeon with 200+ years of product development experience in IoT gateways, sensors modules and realizing end-to-end IoT solutions in the area of Home Automation can help address these challenges. With the right focus on the data security in the connected home arena, we are on the front line in identifying the most appropriate solution for making any smart home idea a reality.

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Home Automation system

Industrial Automation solutions

Industrial Automation

Are you looking at solutions and services that help address your challenges like – connecting your legacy as well modern equipments to reduce labor intensive operations, prevent damages to your products, prevent shipping of non-conforming products to your customers, increase efficiency across the board, reduce cost of production, to have real-time data driven decision making and operations?

Gadgeon has a team of engineers you can trust to design, develop, and deploy solutions to meet these challenges. Our Industry Automation services enable our Industry customers to reap the benefits of Industry 4.0 with greater visibility and control, cost savings, and efficient & reliable production.

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Industrial Automation control systems

Telecom CSP

Are you struggling with the management of multiple OSS/BSS platforms? Are you finding it tough to onboard new carriers and or new features quickly and cost effectively? Are you not sure of the quality and stability of your service platforms?

Gadgeon with its Telecom services can help you.

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Telecom CSP

Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare

The adoption of digital transformation in the healthcare sector is at its peak. To improve the medical procedures, lower costs and enhance productivity, local medical clinics as well as large hospitals, are implementing different digitization technologies in their day-to-day operations. The role of the right healthcare IoT partner is critical in this scenario.

Gadgeon with a proven track record of end-to-end IoT Product Engineering expertise combined with Digital healthcare experience is uniquely positioned to be your partner of choice.

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Digital Healthcare

Supply Chain Management

IoT is going to add value to the SCM by rolling out effective maintenance practices, leveraging the increased visibility of the entire supply chain spectrum, real-time tracking of assets, Improved Inventory Practices and enhanced customer experience.

IoT devices have revolutionized supply chain management (SCM). It’s much easier to understand where goods are, how they are being stored and when they can be expected at a specific location.

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Supply Chain Management
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