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Industrial Automation

Industry Automation services

Are you looking at solutions and services that help address your challenges like – connecting your legacy as well modern equipments to reduce labor intensive operations, prevent damages to your products, prevent shipping of non-conforming products to your customers, increase efficiency across the board, reduce cost of production, to have real-time data driven decision making and operations?

Gadgeon has a team of engineers you can trust to design, develop, and deploy solutions to meet these challenges. Our Industry Automation services enable our Industry customers to reap the benefits of Industry 4.0 with greater visibility and control, cost savings, and efficient & reliable production.

Industrial automation Expertise

Legacy Machines

  • Study and identify the missing sensors or interfaces for integrating legacy machines
  • Identify the sensors, procure, instrument, integrate and deploy
  • Data collection and aggregation using different protocol harmonization
  • Push the data to the server for further processing

Modern Machines

  • Data collection and aggregation using different protocol harmonization
  • Push the data to the server for further processing

Gadgeon has developed an IoT solution development framework with proven hardware and software components. This framework can be leveraged to integrate existing legacy machines as well as modern machines towards digitization of the factory floor. A component stack diagram of our solution framework is given below:

We recommend a phased approach towards integration and digitalization of manufacturing processes, machines and factory floor.

  • 200+ man-years of experience in Embedded software development based on Linux platform
  • 100+ man-years of experience in end-to-end IoT solution development for Home Automation, Crisis management, Industrial automation, and remote monitoring so on.
  • 100% dedicated team in extended offshore team model - flexible and value focused engagement models
  • Significant cost savings - We help reduce your engineering and application management cost by over 50%
  • Guaranteed IP rights protection
  • Business agility and accelerated time-to-market - We bring flexibility, agility, and speed in the realization of business value in an environment of disruptive changes

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