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IoT cloud-based networking solution

Are you in the middle of migrating traditional networking / datacom products and services to cloud? Need to build a fast-tracked “Concept-to-Prototype” for your IoT enablement? Planning to leverage micro-services architecture to take care of the dynamic feature release requirements? Or are you in the middle of migratinglegacy platforms to micro-services architecture?
We are here to help you.

IoT Networking Expertise
  • Embedded system development - hardware design, firmware development, board bring-up, Boot loader, Linux BSP & device driver customization and Linux file system customization
  • Embedded application development- Web App for configuration and provisioning, local HMI, protocol support, docker based micro-service architecture
  • Testing - protocol level testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, regression testing, and test automation
  • Sensor connectivity - BT/BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, ZWave, 6LoWPAN, HART, OPC-UA, LoRa, Sub GHz RF, RS232, RS485
  • Connectivity to Cloud - 5G/LTE/ 4G, WiFi, Ethernet, Satellite
  • Cloud Integration - Protocol selection (MQTT, AMQP, CoAP, WebSockets, REST API, etc.), Gateway services/components (Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Apache ActiveMQ,, API Gateway, etc)
  • Cloud Services/Components Design - Cloud host providers (AWS or Google Or Azure etc), IaaS or PaaS Or Containers like Kubernetes
  • Application Architecture - Micro-service Architecture and Serverless Architecture
  • Database - Decide the type of DB (SQL or NoSQL Or combination of SQL and NoSQL DBs), Select appropriate DB (Postgresql, Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDb, Cosmos DB, Dynamo DB etc), DB Design and Data Modeling, DB optimization

Any individual service or any combination of services will be availed and delivered using our flexible engagement models like IDC, Managed capacity, Hire an engineer, Agile staff augmentation, Fixed bid so on. With the right team, focusing on the right things to perform, we ensure long term value for our customers.

  • 200+ man-years of experience in Embedded Network software development based on Linux platform for Networking / Datacom service providers.
  • 100+ man-years of experience in end-to-end IoT solution development for Industrial automation, real-time process monitoring, Home Automation, Crisis management, etc.
  • 100% dedicated team in extended offshore team model - flexible and value focused engagement models
  • Significant cost savings - help to reduce your engineering and application management cost by over 50%
  • Guaranteed IP rights protection
  • Business agility and accelerated time-to-market - bring flexibility, agility, and speed in the realization of business value in an environment of disruptive changes

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