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Telecom - Communication Service Providers

Telecom Communication Service Providers

The telecom industry is going through a transformational phase – to acclimatize with new technological and cloud trends. Technologies like 5G, IoT, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and micro-services architectures are necessitating telecom providers to realign their business strategies, re-engineer products, and restructure their business offerings etc.

The Smart Home market is growing strongly over the years, but remains highly fragmented with number of heterogeneous competitors with patchwork of solutions and standards. In this scenario telecom operators can leverage their existing assets to offer smart home and smart health solutions along with integrated external solutions. By doing so, they would not only generate new revenue streams but also improve the stickiness of their customers. Several advantages we anticipate for them are (a) Due to their strengths in Wi-Fi network and data security services, (b) ability to provide seamless customer experience, (c) Having key assets for broadband connectivity that is providing an innovative platform for multiple services, and (d) increasing adoption of automation solutions among home owners.

Gadgeon is here to help you as your engineering as well value adding partner.

Smart Home offerings
Smart Healthcare offerings
Telecom MVNO Expertise
  • Our Smart solutions can be easily integrated to existing packages to home customers
  • Maximum usage of existing set-top box/ ISP box- no additional hardware required
  • End-to-End user experience with Cloud and Mobile applications
  • We offer flexible engagement model with customized smart home packages
  • Capability for integrating a wide range of third-party smart home devices
  • 200+ years of experience in embedded telecom software development based on various platforms
  • 100+ years of experience in end-to-end IoT solution development for Industrial automation, platform re-engineering and migration, enterprise application integration
  • 100% dedicated team in extended offshore team model - flexible and value focused engagement models
  • Guaranteed IP rights protection
  • Additional revenue generation from existing subscriber base by providing differentiated smart home packages
  • Stand-out among competitors as an integrator of smart home/smart health services
  • Flexible smart home packages help customers to choose based on their requirements: Home security & Safety, Home Automation, Monitoring of elderly, pets and infants etc.
  • From a business perspective, expansion into the smart home market means a sea of opportunities, including new partners, customers, and dealers
  • Take away the burden of integrating multiple smart home devices and 3rd party smart health services

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