IoT Logistics


IoT Logistics

At Gadgeon, we can enable your solution with IoT to intelligently monitor operations and process workflow to help you run your business end to end. For supply chain visibility, we enable the customers to monitor the environment and track the movement of the cargos with the appropriate sensors. Combined with Gadgeon’s Operational Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, the insights and visualization of your logistics solution can accelerate your journey to a modern age digitally transformed business. It will help to maintain monthly, weekly, daily KPIs to provide the actionable insights and reports. Keeping all the information accessible at central location drastically decrease the complexity in dealing with multiple stakeholders.

Fleet Management

  • Centralized planning to achieve overall fleet efficiency and fuel costs;
  • Formal route planning and optimization for multi-delivery routes based on constraints like real time traffic information;
  • Driver behavior analysis is detrimental for the improvement of performance and reduce liabilities by way of weird incidents
  • Timely maintenance is key to the fleet vehicle health

Field Service Management

  • Intelligent Things are on the rise
  • Service Agents are digitally enabled with ubiquitous computing
  • Digitally enabled service Agents handling the Intelligent Things at the right time and location is the key to customer satisfaction
  • We can enable workflows like
    • Trouble ticketing
    • Repair center
    • Order management
    • Resource scheduling

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