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Del IO Module -Remote Monitoring and Control Solution

Gadgeon’s Del IO module is used to instrument legacy equipments in a factory floor for remote monitoring and control. Del IO Module is equipped with analog inputs, digital I/O and relay outputs that offers a variety of solutions for remote I/O and can be used for remote monitoring and control of factory equipments. It interfaces sensors and actuators to IoT platforms using Modbus TCP/IP, or RTU protocols. Alternatively, it can bridge legacy devices supporting only RS485 to Ethernet using protocol converter mode. With an easy-to-use and intuitive graphics utility system configurations can be done in an extremely short time.

Multiple industry solutions leverage Del IO module for Building management Systems, Factory floor automation and control, Home automation, Real-Time Production Monitoring, Data acquisition, and other Industrial IoT implementations.

  • Microchip high performance SAM E53 micro-controller
  • 32-bit ARM® Cortex® -M4 processor running at 120 MHz
  • Memory: 512KB RAM & 1 MB Flash, 32Mb NOR Flash
  • Serial 2Kb EEPROM
  • Support PoE 802.3 af
  • Dual power source – PoE or 24V DC Jack
  • Intuitive web server for system configurations
  • CE Certified
  • Ethernet – 1 x 10/100 MBps, RJ45 Connector
  • Magnetic isolation – 2.25 kV
  • RS-485 at 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 baud
  • 8-channel 24V 1.5 kV Isolated Digital Inputs
  • 4-channel 0-10V Isolated Analog Inputs
  • 4 channel 24V 20mA Isolated Digital output
  • 4 channel 230 V 2A Relay output
  • Surge Protection: Serial port 15kV ESD
  • Intuitive web server for system configurations
  • Support for Modbus TCP(Ethernet) or RTU(RS485)
  • Protocol stack: IPv4, DHCP client
  • Preloaded free RTOS, lwIP stack
  • Factory reset
  • Plug type terminal connections
  • Low power consumption <200mA
  • Analog input
    • Channel: 4-Ch Digital isolation
    • Type: Voltage (DC)
    • Range: 0-10V
    • Input Impedance: > 7MΩ
    • Resolution: 12bit
    • Precision: 0.2% of FSR
  • Digital Input
    • Channel: 8-Ch Optically isolated
    • Range: 0-24V
    • Logical high (min): 14V
    • Logical low (max): 5V
    • Isolation voltage: 1500 Vrms
  • Digital Output
    • Channel: 4-Ch Optically isolated
    • Range: OFF – 0V,ON - 24V
    • Current: 20 mA sink & source
    • LED indication: Yes
  • Relay Output
    • Channel: 4-Ch
    • Switching Power: 60W (max)
    • Switching voltage: 230 VA,110VDC (max)
    • Current Rating: 2A (max)
    • LED indication: Yes
  • Mechanical Dimension – 200*90*47mm; Weight – 230gm
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 70o C
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 80o C

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