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Application Development

Application Development

Modern application development is an approach in designing, building, and managing applications through cycles of rapid innovation. This approach increases the agility of our teams and the reliability, security, and scalability of your apps.
At Gadgeon we deploy best practices of rapid innovation like Running containerized microservices, optimizing enterprise economics with serverless architectures, developing infrastructure as code and practicing continuous integration and continuous delivery as part of the development process.

We work with clients, in building the right cloud strategy to modernizing legacy applications and provide end-to-end cloud services and solutions to migrate the business on the cloud. Our reusable assets, home-grown solution accelerators enable faster product development and deployment. 
We architect, design, develop, and deploy cloud-native or on-premise applications to meet the business requirements. We will ensure application security along with software deployment and data migration.We have a large pool of certified cloud consultants, solution architects and developers who will be a part of your cloud transformation journey.

Our Application Development Service portfolio is captured in the table below:

App Development Context Table

Our cloud-native services include DevOps, Continuous delivery, Microservices, and Containers. Being a Cloud solution provider, we execute full range of cloud solutions including assessment, security, governance & compliance, architecting, build, migration services, and unified cloud management &monitoring. You will experience our automated management experience across the Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud on platforms such as AWS and MS Azure.

We build better products faster using the best practices of modern app development on AWS using various services and tools available.

Our expertise in the Azure platform covers the Azure cloud components and data storage solutions. Applications are implemented using popular server side technologies such as .Net, C#, node JS, and front-end technologies such as Angular JS, Single Spa, and Progressive Web App. We leverage industry tools for different types of testing, test automations, and DevOps. 

Our Mobile app development expertise covers popular mobile platforms such iOS, Android, Windows, ionic, and React native. We leverage contemporary development frameworks, IDEs, Languages, and connectivity solutions. We also leverage industry tools for mobile app testing, automations, and DevOps. 

Reduce operating costs while maximizing efficiency - Achieve intelligent, efficient and secure application development with lower TCO by leveraging Microservices architecture, automation tools, open-source components, and targeted security practices.
Improve flexibility, feedback and user experience - Develop new capabilities and wrap modern technology and approaches to the existing applications to enhance User experience.
High Quality – By breaking larger applications into components by business capability enables development teams to focus on one small set of functionalities at a time. 
Increased Resiliency – Microservices based application architecture implement improved fault isolationresulting in larger applications remain unaffected by the failure of a single module for improved service availability and an uninterrupted user experience.

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