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Application Maintenance & Support

Application Maintenance & Support

Today Businesses are combining diverse Technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud, social media, Big Data, and Analytics to create disruptive business models. The emergence of these new technologies has thrown up big opportunities as well as challenges towards application maintenance and support services. Organizations have to continue to maintain and support their existing application irrespective of all challenges such as changing business practices, changing user priorities depleted budgets and shortage of technical talent. In order to meet these challenges and support your applications, you need a reliable partner like Gadgeon.

Our best practices in application maintenance and support include us guiding our customers by following a phased Industry standard framework for Transition, Service stabilization, service delivery, and Continuous optimization.

From our experience of working with customers across the globe, the following factors helped us serve them well by delivering high quality maintenance services consistently.

Gadgeon’s Application maintenance and support services follow an industry standard (ITIL) framework with phased stages for transition, stabilization, and service delivery. These phases are powered and supported by our exhaustive program management and service enablers to ensure risk free, continuous delivery of high quality services that consistently meet all service levels (SLAs) and at the same time provides business value contributions with structured innovation and continuous optimizations and improvements.

App Maintenance Support Environment

  • We invest time, effort and focus in ramping up a team that is well aligned with the Customer for sustained success
  • Technology talent, expertise, experience, and skills are onboard that fills the gaps, complement, and augment
  • People to people alignment is established so that both the teams will and can work as a high performing, coherent, and focused single team
  • Process alignment to ensure both team processes to work together and as well as complement each other
  • Corporate culture alignment to ensure smooth team functioning and reduces cultural conflicts, issues, and challenges
  • Align business goals and objectives that create and reiterates an environment of ownership, motivation and goal focused
  • We relentlessly focus in spotting and onboarding the right talent with the right attitude for the engagement at the speed
  • Our new talent ramp up process focuses on aligning the new team members quickly so that they become productive in the shortest period of time
  • Our human resource and people practices ensure very high people satisfaction resulting in best talent retention rates in the industry and region
  • We have tie up and partnership programs with top educational institutes in the country for talent nurturing and making the students industry ready
  • We have an elaborate transition process at the beginning of the engagement with the customer that leverages industry best practices and frameworks like ITIL for knowledge acquisition and transfer from Customer’s Subject matter experts
  • Acquired knowledge is maintained in a comprehensive Knowledge Management repository
  • Every team member will leverage the knowledge base in their day to day work
  • The knowledge base is updated regularly and plays a key role in continued high quality service
  • Acts as a ramp up mechanism for newer team members not only from Gadgeon, but also from client side
  • We ensure that we establish a multi-level governance framework and structure defined at the beginning of the engagement for visibility of all engagement activities
  • The lowest level of governance and communication is at engineer to engineer level with almost real-time frequency – hourly, daily, and weekly
  • The second level typically involve the project / program / scrum level where managers and senior team members interact at defined frequency addressing all governance aspects – status, issues, dependencies, changes so on.
  • At the highest level of governance will be at the executive sponsors of both sides. The main focus will mainly on setting a vision, high level objectives, planning, review of progress, and resolution and decision of contractual and investment related topics
  • The multi-level governance model reduces operational risks and enhances trust & confidence in the remote team
  • We are committed and will have a proven charter for optimization and Innovation with year on year improvement targets defined
  • These objectives and performance will be governed using our multi-level governance process
  • The focus is on future proof client’s business and support systems
  • We continuously look for tasks that are reluctant or can be automated to save cost and improve efficiency
  • We focus on building tools for leveraging self-service options and reuse
  • Delivers significant cost savings and efficiency improvement over a period time
  • We are committed to being professional in all our dealings
  • Our work culture is based on the philosophy of easy to work with, positive attitude, and value focus
  • We approach customer needs with agility and flexibility
  • Our ‘can do’ attitude and partnership mindset is most appreciated by our clients consistently
  • DevOps culture and leveraging of tools for agility and speed
  • Leverage Continuous integration and Continuous delivery for high quality and speed to market
  • Ability to deliver and manage changes becomes easy and smooth
  • Brings the business value to focus very effectively at every phase of the engagement

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