Cloud & Mobile Apps

Cloud & Mobile Apps

Gadgeon with experience in next-generation software solutions and services,help drive digital transformation in cloud / mobile apps development and quality engineering. Flexibility and scalability are key drivers for today’s business worldwide. Adoption and optimization of cloud technologies helps organizations to improve efficiencies, enhance operational flexibility and business scalability. Our expertise in areas like embedded technologies, cloud services, and IoT application development enables us to build feature-rich connected applications as well as migrate and modernize existing legacy systems.

Cloud plays an important role in today’s business solution development. Gadgeon has helped many customers by developing solutions and recommending most appropriate cloud strategy for customers. We have developed an implementation plan to realize its vision through a secure network and optimized cloud solutions. Our solutions are Server agnostics and can be deployed & maintained on cloud servers from Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure or on-premise servers.

Our Cloud application services include:

  • Cloud Services/Components Design: Cloud host providers (AWS or Google Or Azure etc), IaaS or PaaS Or Containers
  • Application Architecture: Microservice Architecture, Serverless Architecture, Monolithic Architecture, SOA Architecture
  • Technology selection: Programming language selection (Java, C#, Node.js, PHP, Javascript, etc), Framework selection (Spring, Express.js, Angular, React.js, etc)
  • Integration: Protocol selection (MQTT, AMQP, WebSockets, REST API, etc), Gateway services/components (Azure IoT Hub, AWS IoT, IBM Watson IoT, Apache ActiveMQ,, API Gateway, etc)
  • Database: Decide the type of DB (SQL or NoSQL Or a combination of SQL and NoSQL DBs), Select appropriate DB (Postgresql, Oracle, Cassandra, MongoDB, Cosmos DB, Dynamo DB, etc), DB Design and Data Modeling, DB optimization
  • Maintenance and Support: Cloud migration, strategy, infrastructure security management, backup & restore solution
  • DevOps: Process automation, CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring, Continuous Testing, infrastructure as a code development.

The journey towards a cloud environment has its unique challenges as well as opportunities. Gadgeon’s cloud migration strategy addresses the functional as well as non functional requirements like modularity, scalability, and security to reduce future reworks and ensures higher value on investments. We help you to navigate through them by preparing a clear roadmap using a three phased approach that maximizes your benefits.

cloud migration journey

AWS Expertise

AWS Expertise

Azure Capabilities

Microsoft Azure Expertise

Gadgeon helps in developing connected mobile applications on iOS, Android and Windows platform using native and cross-platform technologies. From conceptualization to user experience design, graphics to front-end development, we address all aspects of the web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid app development.  Our UI/UX design and development follow design standards, workflows and guidelines to deliver world-class digital experiences for web and mobile apps.

Mobile Apps Services

Test automation is a strategic initiative for customers that drive the quality of products, applications, and platforms. We enable our customers to achieve optimum test automation converge for both functional and non-functional requirements. Types of application testing include:

  • Functionality tests (Selenium/Protractor)
  • Scalability and Performance Benchmarking (Jmeter / BlazeMeter)
  • Browser Compatibility / Usability (Browser Stack, Perfecto)
  • DB validation
  • Security / Vulnerability Testing (OWASP) 

Gadgeon Test Automation Framework (GTF) facilitates a cloud-based solid test environment setup for end-to-end use case level testing of applications. GTF orchestrates different types testing and automation including but not limited to:

Test Automation

  • Integration with appropriate tools for testing of different application types in a secure and scalable way
  • Scalability and Performance benchmarking using Jmeter/BlazeMeter/ plug-in
  • Security / Vulnerability analysis using OWASP plug-in
  • User interface validation using selenium/protractor plug-in
  • API support for integration with standard test management, CI/CD, and DevOps tools
  • Browser test coverage using browser stack /perfecto plug-in
  • Database validation and data integrity checks

Benefits of Gadgeon’s Cloud / Mobile App testing services are:

Testing Services - Benefits

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