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Cloud-Web App Testing

Cloud-Web App Testing

Enterprise applications being the backbones of many profitable businesses across industries, requires robust testing for its flawless operations. An effective test automation tool is essential to overcome the challenges thrown by the digital transformation for time bound and business critical applications. While test automation has many benefits, it might not deliver the expected ROI if applied inappropriately.  Test automation is a strategic initiative for customers that drives the quality of products, applications, and platforms. We enable our customers to achieve optimum test automation converge for both functional and non-functional requirements.

  • Functionality tests (Selenium/Protractor)
  • Scalability and Performance Benchmarking (Jmeter / BlazeMeter)
  • Browser Compatibility / Usability (Browser Stack, Perfecto)
  • DB validation
  • Security / Vulnerability Testing (OWASP) 
  • GTF facilitates a cloud-based solid test environment setup for end-to-end use case level testing of applications that ensures high availability. 
  • Integration with appropriate tools for testing of different application types in a secure and scalable way
  • Scalability and Performance benchmarking using Jmeter/BlazeMeter/ plug-in
  • Security / Vulnerability analysis using OWASP plug-in
  • User interface validation using selenium/protractor plug-in
  • API support for integration with standard test management, CI/CD, and DevOps tools
  • Browser test coverage using browser stack /perfecto plug-in
  • Database validation and data integrity checks
  • We will ensure cost savings of about 50-60% 
  • Reduction in time-to-productivity by 60-70%
  • Improved Customer satisfaction as you are always ready to hit the market with a set of well tested features
  • Enhanced release velocity and Agile / DevOps adaption with CI/CD 
  • Test optimization based on market penetration
  • Well experienced testers with usability/use case validation expertise.
  • State of the art test lab for devices, emulators, and simulators.
  • Test architects with application design, development and deployment expertise
  • Gadgeon’s consulting and advisory approach combined with our powerful test framework (GTF) ensures the highest ROI from your testing and test automation initiatives

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