Computer Vision based Automation

Computer Vision based Automation

Today most Industries as well Businesses are trying to take advantages of Computer Vision driven services to deliver superior customer experience, improved product quality, reduced cost, and increased security. Gadgeon over the years has been investing in fine tuning our services and expertise to acquire, analyze, process, and understand digital images along with real-time data. This combined with robotic and embedded engineering expertise enable Gadgeon to automate manual labour intensive tasks efficiently.

Gadgeon works with clients in introducing the computer vision driven automation concepts. This involves modelling and mapping of current activities, tasks, risks and challenges involved. This helps in identifying areas where efficiencies can be improved and business benefits are predicted.
Our robotic and computer vision driven services are domain agnostic. It cognitively performs tasks similar to humans, but with better precision and zero errors. Our expertise includes dynamic controls of robots using real-time image processing involving deep learning and big data.

Our computer vision based pattern recognition and image processing uses techniques such as:

  • Image segmentation - partitions an image into multiple regions or pieces to be examined separately.
  • Object detection - identifies a specific object in an image. Advanced object detection recognizes many objects in a single image
  • Edge detection - is a technique used to identify the outside edge of an object or landscape to better identify what is in the image.
  • Pattern detection - is a process of recognizing repeated shapes, colours and other visual indicators in images.
  • Image classification - groups images into different categories.
  • Feature matching - is a type of pattern detection that matches similarities in images to help classify them.


Gadgeon has delivered computer vision driven automation and services for use cases from industrial domains like:

  • Manufacturing – Precision manufacturing, improved product quality, automated testing of assembled systems
  • Agriculture – Crop and plant monitoring at various stages, and segregation of produce
  • Automotive industry - Autonomous navigation systems and testing of infotainment systems
  • Healthcare – diagnostic and early disease detection like cancer
  • Security – IP camera integration and event detection

Gadgeon’s image processing along with machine learning provides benefits like:

  • Precise coordinates for Robotic control system to micro-meter level accuracy
  • Expertise with Borescope based image processing to allow robots to reach where cameras cannot reach
  • High product quality with minimal output variance.
  • Increased productivity from smart robots
  • Reduce cost and time through automation of labour intensive tasks
  • Special sensors are custom build that complements vision systems for specialized applications
  • Automated testing of HMI with complex content and physical knobs, buttons etc.
  • Superior customer experience

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