Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Reduced time-to-market with lowest cost and with highest quality is critical to every organization. Today’s organizations have to manage a wide range of things from evolving technologies, innovation, need for newer product, re-engineering of legacy systems, optimization of manufacturing processes optimization, keeping operation costs down and so on as part of their product portfolio.Gadgeon with its decades of experience helps organizations to manage these challenges by taking care of complete ownership from an idea to product including hardware design, firmware development, proto build, firmware integration, manufacturing tests and certification.

We provide optimal system/hardware design consultancy optimized on cost, processing power, bandwidth, security and power requirements.We have designed products from complex embedded systems for industrial to small-footprint portable and energy-efficient systems for medical electronics, assistive technology, wearable electronics, home automation, and security/surveillance applications.

Gadgeon brings design expertise and processes for taking an idea to marketable product. Our Product engineering services covers prototype building, firmware design and integration, manufacturing tests, and certification. Our consultancy based approach makes sure that both functional and non-functional requirements are addressed right from the design stage itself. We bring several industry best practices to accelerate, optimize and be quick to market like prototyping, BOM optimization for optimized cost, and SOM based designs for quick to market.

Product Idea

Our design expertise covers small foot prints, high speed digital, RF designs, wireless and industrial designs and power supply. We support designs with high component density, tight timing constraints, custom small form factor for wearable and standard form factors like ATCA, AMC, CPCI, PMC, SCSI, ATX ECX, Mini ITX, Pico ITX, Nano ITX and QSeven.

Gadgeon’s proven expertise in hardware engineering services & solutions including design and development of complex, faster, reliable and efficient hardware solution. We have a wide range of service portfolio offerings supporting design, prototyping, mass production and certification. Our well-defined engineering methodology helps in reducing time to market without compromising Performance.

Hardware Design

Our hardware design expertise includes:

Hardware Design Expertise

Embedded engineering is the core of a product engineering cycle, as it helps converting a hardware into complete, innovative products in the most efficient way. Embedded engineering contributes to integrating system resources to get the optimum product output based on end-user requirements. The journey includes platform development, building embedded product software, and a continuous process of performance tuning/optimization.
Gadgeon has in-depth expertise in embedded software engineering from platform development, OS/Application porting, Wired/Wireless connectivity, and overall system tuning. We offer complete embedded software services to our customers from different industries to achieve faster time to market with lower upfront investment.

Embedded Firmware Services

Deep expertise in bootloader customization, porting OS to target hardware, driver development on Linux, Android and RTOS platforms helps us deliver fully functional boards with BSP and test software.Regardless of the interface type (I2C, SPI, CSI, HDMI etc), we can developdrivers for the peripherals that are to be integrated. Our philosophy is to validate the hardware using test software that will exercise all memory and peripherals before shipping to customer for a hassle-free experience. 
We develop manufacturing test software to cover functionality of all peripherals, interfaces and wireless modules that need to be tested during the manufacturing process. Our Manufacturing Support Services include:

Embedded - Manufacturing Support

Gadgeon’s embedded testing services provide comprehensive quality management for embedded systems. It comprises test management, test planning, test scenario identification, test environment management and execution of test cases – manually as well automated. Both the functional and non-functional requirements like security, performance, stress testing, will be covered. Metrics-driven exhaustive test execution and static code coverage analysis along with continuous integration and release cycles will ensure a stable high quality embedded system irrespective of the complexities involved.

Embedded Testing

  • Built in libraries to interact with DUT interfaces like serial (RS232/RS485/USB) andEthernet (SSH/Telnet/HTTP, HTTPS).
  • Relay/Servomotor for simulating the power cycle / button press events.
  • Light sensor module for validating the visual indications.
  • Wireless sniffers and Protocol analyzers for protocol/data validation.
  • Voice conversion libraries for voice command verifications.
  • Appium/Selenium libraries for automating mobile / web applications
  • Custom python stubs for M2M protocol validation and performance benchmarking
  • NMAP/OWASP plug-in for security vulnerability analysis
  • Jenkins/Bamboo/GitLab plug-in for enabling the CI/CD pipeline
  • API level integration with standard test management tools like TestRail/TestOpia.
  • HTML/XML based test reports and logs.
  • Supports configurable options that support recovery from fatal errors in target devices
  • Built in libraries to compile and build embedded, application for various system components at scheduled intervals
  • Built in libraries to deploy embedded/firmware/application images on target devices or environments

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