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Embedded Testing

Embedded Testing

In today’s technology driven markets, electronic devices are getting connected and gain software and data-driven features. IoT technologies are enabling the connectivity of these devices to the cloud. Since the users interact through mobile devices, quality, security, and performance of embedded software are as critical as hardware innovation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects (devices, vehicles, buildings, etc.) embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that are designed to collect & exchange data. Achieving sufficient test coverage is challenging and requires considerable effort and time which demands a suitable Test Strategy.

  • Dynamic environment: Unlike application testing in a defined environment, IoT has a very dynamic environment with millions of sensors & different devices used in conjunction with intelligent software.
  • Real-time complexity: IoT applications have multiple, real-time scenarios & its use cases are extremely complex.
  • Scalability of the system: Creating a test environment that simulates end devices, users, and interfaces that match the system’s functionality, scalability, and reliability is challenging.
  • Other operational challenges: Related subsystems and components could be owned by third-party units. A complex set of use cases, diverse hardware, security, and privacy requirements makes the creation of test cases and test data challenging.

A comprehensive test strategy requires the execution of different types of testing, test lab setup, tools, and simulators to be deployed. Gadgeon’s embedded testing services provide comprehensive quality management for embedded systems. It comprises test management, test planning, test scenario identification, test environment management and execution of test cases – manually as well automated. Both the functional and non-functional requirements like security, performance, stress testing, etc. will also be covered. We bring thought leadership by way of recommending and implementing process tailoring, guidelines, best practices, templates, and continuous improvements.

Test planning and data simulation: Metrics-driven exhaustive test execution and static code coverage analysis along with continuous integration and release cycles will ensure a stable high quality embedded system irrespective of the complexities involved.

  • Built in libraries to interact with DUT interfaces like serial (RS232/RS485/USB) andEthernet (SSH/Telnet/HTTP, HTTPS).
  • Relay/Servomotor for simulating the power cycle / button press events.
  • Light sensor module for validating the visual indications.
  • Wireless sniffers and Protocol analysers for protocol/data validation.
  • Voice conversion libraries for voice command verifications.
  • Appium/Selenium libraries for automating mobile / web applications
  • Custom python stubs for M2M protocol validation and performance benchmarking
  • NMAP/OWASP plugins for security vulnerability analysis
  • Jenkins/Bamboo/GitLab plugins for enabling the CI/CD pipeline
  • API level integration with standard test management tools like TestRail/TestOpia.
  • HTML/XML based test reports and logs.
  • Supports configurable options that support recovery from fatal errors in target devices
  • Built in libraries to compile and build embedded, application for various system components at scheduled intervals
  • Built in libraries to deploy embedded/firmware/application images on target devices or environments

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