Emerging Technologies

Gadgeon has identified strategic focus areas in the emerging technology space, which are expected to create significant social and economic benefits. We have a dedicated team working on AI & ML, Computer Vision-based systems, and Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) solutions. We conceptualize and implement use cases for business, social, and economic benefits across industries.

Emerging Technologies

Our Offerings

Computer Vision Use Cases

Manufacturing Use cases
  • Object recognition, classification and sorting
  • Detection of visual defects and anomalies
  • Assembly verification
  • High-precision measurement for dimensional accuracy
  • Recognition of item location and positioning
  • Counting in piles, stacks, and more (including touching and overlapping objects)
  • Barcode / label verification and validation, using optical character recognition (OCR)
Non-Manufacturing Use cases
  • Automated visual inspection systems
  • Grading and sorting
  • Automated counting
  • Computer-aided diagnosis
  • Identifying damage issues in complex electronic devices, vehicles, etc.
  • Optical character recognition
  • Checking for surface defects, foreign materials, discoloration, absence of components, etc.
  • Identifying behavior anomalies and alarms in surveillance videos, counting people traversing a passage.

Computer Vision Based Systems


Our computer vision-driven services are domain agnostic, and cognitively performs tasks similar to humans, but with better precision and zero errors. Our expertise includes dynamic controls of robots using real-time image processing involving deep learning and big data. Our computer vision algorithms use Machine Learning or traditional vision techniques for performing the following tasks:

Measure and Analyze

Measure objects to determine accurate dimensions and analyze or compare them with reference data.

Pattern Recognition

Analyze patterns with reference data to determine GO or a NO-GO.

Color-Based Analysis

Inspect object for color change in the visual or outside visual spectrum. For example, to check a fruit is ripe or not.

Object Detection for Pick and Place

Identifies a specific object in an image and giving the coordinates for dynamically controlling a robotic arm in very high precision assemblies.

Inspection of Inaccessible Locations

Use rigid/flexible borescope/endoscope to view inaccessible areas not visible to the eyes and apply image processing. Specialized robotic arms and mechanical fixtures may be developed depending on a specific use case.

Dynamic Word, Icon or Shape Detection

Detection of text/word or icons regardless of background or variations in positions. This could be used to test touch screen content using a robotic arm.

Image Classification

Groups images into different categories using big data-based ML or small data but with feedback learning.

AR / VR Offerings

Customers are constantly looking for new innovative ways of interacting with businesses and getting their money the most return. Gadgeon helps its customers as a leading VR and AR development company and uses the best-of-breed tools and techniques. We assist businesses in providing a virtual environment much like that of the physical world.

Use cases Addressed
  • Environmental understanding - Using the camera lens, AR apps scan real-life surroundings and perceive them as a 3 dimensional image
  • Image recognition - An AR model can be trained to recognize specific 2D images and 3D real-life objects
  • Motion tracking
  • Video analytics - Analyze video content in real-time, extract metadata, send alerts/ notifications and more by eliminating the need for manual monitoring
  • Manufacturing - Virtual design and engineering; Training; Maintenance guidance
  • Healthcare - Surgery simulations; Gamified rehabilitation; Medical education
  • Automobile industry - Training; Auto showrooms
  • Agriculture Industry – Pattern recognition for crops classification, counting, and automated segregations
What We Do?
  • VR / AR App consultation - Help to understand what VR/AR mean to their businesses
  • Custom AR/VR Development
  • VR/AR Experience Design - Design an immersive experience that leverages the principles of UX, and graphics with rich content in ensuring a dynamic appearances that attracts users.
  • Sensor based VR/AR applications
  • Visual Recognition – Crafting of digital solutions that take images, videos, and other visual content as input and return highly engaging applications and outcomes.
  • VR / AR app support and maintenance

Cognitive Process Automation


We have helped many clients worldwide save valuable money and time by automating routine activities in business process automation and industrial automation. Our services are designed to help improve your process efficiency by as much as 30% within 90 days.


Steps involved in cognitive process automation

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