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Hardware Design

Hardware Design

GadgEon has years of expertise in hardware design, capable of taking you from the initial architecture stage to manufacturing support. Our capabilities for hardware design includes PCB layout, board design, programmable logic and enclosure designs integrating FPGAs, DSPs, microprocessors, and complex RF, analog, and power systems. We take care of the mechanical and industrial design as well as domestic and offshore contract manufacturing.

We provide optimal system/hardware design consultancy based on cost, processing power, bandwidth, security and power requirements. We have designed 70+ products from complex embedded systems for industrial to small-footprint portable and energy-efficient systems for medical electronics, assistive technology, wearable electronics, home automation, and security/surveillance applications.

Gadgeon brings design expertise and processes for taking an idea to a marketable product. This covers prototype building, firmware design and integration, manufacturing tests, and certification. Our consultancy based approach makes sure that both functional and non-functional requirements are addressed right from the design stage itself. We bring several industry best practices to accelerate, optimize and be quick to markets like prototyping, BOM optimization for optimized cost, and SOM based designs for quick to market.


idea to product

Our design expertise covers small footprints, high speed digital, RF designs, wireless and industrial designs, and power supply. We support designs with high component density, tight timing constraints, the custom small form factor for wearable and standard form factors like ATCA, AMC, CPCI, PMC, SCSI, ATX ECX, Mini ITX, Pico ITX, Nano ITX, and QSeven. 

Our Processor Architecture expertise includes SoC based on ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Intel x86, Cavium Networks, Sigma processors for media applications and Microcontrollers. We have expertise on various microcontrollers with wireless support for BLE, Wi-Fi, Sub GHz RF, Zigbee, Thread and Z-wave. For faster time to market applications, we support hardware design based on SOM (System On Modules).


Our architects will select appropriate wireless technology based on system requirements. We take into account parameters like range, throughput, battery drain, interference while deciding the wireless option. For applications that require direct integration of electronic devices with mobile apps, we support fully integrated solution development using wireless technologies like BLE, NFC, and WIFI.

Wireless Protocols

We provide re-designs for existing designs to take care component obsolescence, regulatory compliance, and next generation technology migration. Our comprehensive obsolescence checks on components cover not only parts that become obsolete, but also not meeting the required support criteria. 

Our value engineering strategy optimizes the product cost without compromising quality and functionality. This involves evaluating design alternatives, selecting alternate components, and cost comparison between vendors to arrive at the most optimum cost for the product.  

Deep expertise in bootloader customization, porting OS to the target hardware, driver development on Linux, Android and RTOS platforms helps us deliver fully functional boards with BSP and test software. Regardless of the interface type (I2C, SPI, CSI, HDMI, etc), we can develop drivers for the peripherals that are to be integrated. Our philosophy is to validate the hardware using test software that will exercise all memory and peripherals before shipping to the customer for a hassle-free experience. 

We develop manufacturing test software to cover the functionality of all peripherals, interfaces and wireless modules that need to be tested during the manufacturing process. 

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