Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Industry 4.0 refers to the 4th industrial revolution realized by applying the latest technologies to core production systems and business processes such as supply, delivery and many more. Manufacturers can future-proof their operations by redefining the creation and capturing of value across their production facilities through the application of technologies such as sensors, IoT, cloud and AI & ML. As a first step towards your Industry 4.0 journey, let’s start with a readiness assessment.

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Industry 4.0 Readiness Assessment

Industry 4.0 is a concept with frameworks and reference architectures to connect physical business assets using digital technologies. Gadgeon adopts systematic, independent and established processes for obtaining evidence and evaluating objectively to determine the maturity level of Industry 4.0 implementation as a baseline. It is a holistic assessment of operational and business processes for benchmarks and practices of Industry 4.0. The assessment also involves identifying gaps and help customer to identify improvement opportunities to initiate, scale and sustain their Industry4.0 journey.

Assessment services are executed as a two-phase process.

Phase-1: Assessment

This phase aims at creating a baseline of your current systems, capabilities and gaps and assesses Industry 4.0 current status based on a maturity level model

Baseline Assessment
  • Baseline assessment is conducted on two aspects: The first one is the assessment of Industry 4.0 technology applications across core production processes and business processes such as sourcing, delivery etc. The second one is assessment of technology applications to improve business excellence.
  • Will capture assessment of Industry 4.0 maturity on core and horizontal business processes over dimensions such as strategy & governance, leadership, customer orientation, manufacturing & operations, supply chain, human resources, technology, product innovation, process digitization, data and cybersecurity – termed as the voice of technology (VoT)
  • Business information such as vision, mission, & values; strategy map, balanced scorecard, policy deployment and company annual reports are analyzed to understand the maturity of technology implementation for achieving business excellence – termed as Voice of Business (VoB).
  • This step involves detailed discussions, interviews of key stakeholders, system assessment and documentation review to evaluate the as-is maturity levels across all the dimensions.
Gap analysis
  • Once we clarify the present state, we will start creating a systematic mapping to the future state (key opportunities for improvement, expected ROI, along with cost estimates).
  • Our team will capture business processes and map their interconnectivity across system levels that will define functional needs better. This will also identify functional and technical gaps in the current landscape.
  • By combining the initial assessment outcome and the company’s revenue & cost profile, key performance indicators will provide insights in defining key focus areas and investment roadmaps.

Phase-2: Roadmap

Following phase-1, we help customers in developing:

  • Customized roadmap : We work with you in identifying and defining initiatives with the highest impact along with phases, goals, costs, ROI, and timelines.
  • Business case evaluation : Determine the importance of each initiative based on cost, risk and benefit analysis and define the right key performance indicators that will highlight the actual value of Industry 4.0 solutions to your business
  • Technical solutions :
    • Identify and recommend high-level solutions, technologies and platforms.
    • Develop a high-level digital architecture and data flow between enterprise business, manufacturing operations and automation controls.

Assessment Model

The assessment model consists of five levels of maturity ratings. All the dimensions are assessed individually against these maturity levels, with an overall rating for the entire scope of assessment. The maturity levels and definitions are:


Why Industry 4.0 Readiness assessment?

Gadgeon is committed to supporting our customers to harness the full potential of Industry 4.0 and accelerate their smart and innovative manufacturing initiatives. The readiness assessment enables you in:

  • Establishing a common understanding of Industry 4.0 – A complex concept such as Industry 4.0 breaks down into easy to understand key building blocks anda clear articulation of tangible benefits.
  • Initiate planning for a high-impact transformation – With a clear understanding of your current processes, systems and structures, your transformation planning becomes more focused and structured.
  • Realize the full benefits of Industry 4.0 – With well-defined priority and roadmap, your business increases the chances of successes in your migration journey to targeted states where concepts get converted into real business value.
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