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Process Automation

Process Automation

Business process automation technology allows a software robot (bot) to replicate the labour intensive repetitive process reliably. The RPA bots utilize the user interface to capture and interpret applications for transnational processes, manipulating data and communicating with other digital systems. Today the business processes are becoming more and more complex, and manual workflow is highly prone to errors. These errors could cause significant financial and business impacts. Through automation of these complex process workflows, organizations gain substantial efficiencies and effectiveness in their businesses.

Our end to end Robotic Process Automation Services enable our clients to understand current workflow status and discover opportunities for optimization so they could reduce operational cost and improve overall efficiencies.

  • Select the most appropriate Process Automation tools, operational and governance models, change management plan, and deployment strategy.
  • Assess and prioritize automation opportunities and plan efforts according to the rate of current automation, transactional volume, ease of implementation, and expected business return.
  • Build business cases and execute a pilot automation project to validate assumptions, fine-tune strategy, develop a roadmap for further automation levels, secure management buy-in and align all key stakeholders.

Our highly skilled automation experts will work along with your business and IT teams to identify processes that are most suited for automation and develop overall automation workflow and help sustain the Robot workforce.

  • Gadgeon works with clients in introducing the Business Process Automation concepts. This involves modeling and mapping of current business activities, tasks, roles involved, etc. This helps in identifying where efficiencies can be improved, manual tasks to be converted into actionable and track-able web-based workflows.
  • Workflow automation ensures information flows are structured so that the right information is delivered to the right person at the right time, enabling the sync up with other business activities. Process automation regulates how information flows to support day-to-day tasks and provides visibility to management in monitoring activities, productivity, and bottlenecks if any.

Cognitive process automation is the right choice if you are looking for ways to free knowledge workers from getting tied up with dull, repetitive tasks that require little or no judgment. Our Robotic Process Automation solutions are domain agnostic. It cognitively performs tasks similar to humans, but with better precision and zero errors. By integrating cognitive techniques with software, the machine learning component comprehends the context unsupervised from every instance. Our expertise includes but not limited to cognitive computing with deep learning, big data computing, cloud enablement, and predictive analytics.

We have helped many clients worldwide in saving valuable money and time by automating routine activities in areas of business process automation and industrial automation. Our services are designed to help improve your process efficiency by as much as 30% within 90 days.

Steps involved in cognitive process automation

cognitive process automation

  • Discovery phase – gather requirements, sample data, visualization needs, and interpret the goals and objectives
  • The modeling phase – acts as the preparation stage for automation.
  • Configuration design phase – develop customized automation models by leveraging Big data, RPA, components, modules along with interfaces.
  • Quality analysis phase – run the solution with variable data to test the accuracy of the automated process. The solution undergoes complete end to end testing before ready for production.
  • Deployment phase – deployment of production ready solution along with handover activities and contracted period of support.

Gadgeon’s automation team combines domain and RPA expertise to provide robust solutions with

  • High level of accuracy, maintainability, and reliability.
  • Minimal output variance.
  • Increased productivity due to zero fatigue.
  • Flexibility to upsize / downsize the process by adding/removing the bots.
  • Optimize business by accelerating the decision-making process
  • Reduce cost and time for the task with easy access to data and collaboration
  • Increased throughputs – over 70% faster work rates
  • Continuous improvements to the process with management visibility, audit tracking, and KPIs
  • Utilize the existing workforce towards more critical function that requires decision making and human intelligence
  • Expertise in domain and automation helps to reduce the process automation implementation cycle time and that avoids pitfalls in the automation journey.
  • Higher customer satisfaction

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