Electrical Power Monitoring

Gadgeon’s Electrical Power Monitoring (EPM) solution brings control over your electrical power spend without impact on production or quality through Measuring, Visualization, and Optimisation.


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Why EPM?

What is Measured?

What’s being measured?

Who will get benefited?

Who could get benefited?

Features & Benefits

Intuitive dashboards & Reports

For direct and derived parameters at multiple operational levels

Events & Alarms for fault diagnosis

Energy & Power parameters, alerts & events with traceability to it’s location

Supply & Demand Side

Visualization of both the supply and demand side data in a single platform

Cost computations

Capability to configure complex cost calculations

Flexible and compatible

Can add one piece at a time, at your own pace

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring at multiple operational levels

Flexible licensing models

Subscription based model (SaaS) with the number of devices being monitored or One time licensing model.

Custom features

Quicker custom feature development - each custom features can be developed & deployed in two weeks.

Is Scalable

Start with easy to configure, low investment solution and extend to enterprise wide power management system in steps.

Hosted by Gadgeon

An Industry leader in IoT and product engineering with 10+ years of expertise

Extensible Platform

Capability to measure other parameters such as flow, temp, vibration, etc., or computations like OEE

Use from anywhere

Monitor and analyze from anywhere with direct web access

Energy Cost Savings
Energy Cost Savings
Energy Cost Savings
Lower TCO
Energy Cost Savings
Faster ROI

Typical Deployment Scenario

Typical Deployment Scenario Typical Deployment Scenario Delpheon-EPM-dashboard

A sample dashboard

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