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Home and Building Management System

BMS Building Management System

Automation of home and building is one of the most adapted IoT solutions today. By integrating smarter products with orchestration from a controller really makes our life simpler. The connected technology interacting together gives the user full control over the property with enhanced user experience.

Product companies face huge challenges to rapidly upgrade their existing product lines with IoT integration and ensure superior user experience. Gadgeon’s future ready Home and Building Management (HBMS) framework based on its award winning Delpheon platform, offers a scalable solution. HBMS can be used for faster deployment of new product ideas that meets every size and budget.

  • Energy and utility Management – Multiple sources of energy including backup and smart metering
  • HVAC control –Optimal power utilization for HVAC, air quality monitoring
  • Fire and Smoke detection and alarms
  • Security and Surveillance – Access control, motion detection, alarms
  • Lighting management – thematic controlling of lights
  • Advanced AV solutions
  • HBMS addresses the complete energy and utility management of the property, by leveraging sensors and actuators available in the market. We have an IO module that integrates analog and digital I/O.
  • Our automated smart lighting solution will manage the lighting needs of your building, based on different scenarios.
  • Remote monitoring and controlling of HVAC systems with customizable alerts provides dashboards and reports at defined events.
  • Our smart metering of your utilities will provide visibility to consumption patterns and provides the opportunity to optimize and save operational expenses.
  • Security and safety management is a critical component. This covers both physical and data security. For data security, HBMS is complies with the OWASP standard.
  • Remote monitoring and control of the property with flexible delivery mechanisms like emails, SMS, and PUSH notifications.
  • Remote access and control leading to peace of mind and increased productivity
  • Real-time responses to incidents
  • The Overall reduction in operational cost from lower utility bills and maintenance expenses
  • Improved efficiency of the building leading to satisfied tenants or occupants
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Increased property value
  • Gadgeon has deep knowledge in home/ building automation domain through its subsidiary Gadgeon Lifestyle, which deals with installation, commissioning and maintenance of home/ building automation solutions.
  • Leveraging on its domain knowledge, our R&D team can be your pit-stop for any connected home/ building technologies including Energy, Lighting, HVAC, AV, Security, etc. With the right focus on the data security in the connected home/ building arena, we are on the front line in identifying the most appropriate solution for making any smart building a reality.
  • Gadgeon has an amazing track record of completing more than 70+ IoT / IIoT solutions across the world
  • Prebuilt solution components save time and cost by over 50%

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